SHOOT + SHARE a book by Stuart Sipahigil

A “how to” book to get your photographs “out there”.

“Do you want to attract more fans, followers, and buyers? Are your best photographs buried in a shoebox or hard-drive? Stuart will help you define your goals, understand your opportunities, and determine the best approach to navigating the seemingly endless choices of where and how to display your work. SHOOT + SHARE is packed with great ideas that will help you process why you want to share your photographs, who needs to see them, which photographs they need to see, and where to find your audience.”

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New Craft & Vision eBook – Making the Print

Making the Print: Printing Techniques for the Digital Photographer by Martin Bailey is the second eBook in our Masterclass series and it’s the perfect primer regarding all things related to fine-art printing. No stone is left unturned as Martin explains in-detail everything you need to know about making beautiful, frustration-free prints.

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New Craft & Vision eBook – BEYOND THIRDS

BEYOND THIRDS is a captivating and inspiring eBook is about taking composition past the so-called rules. It’s a thoughtful, practical book about the way we build our photographs within the constraint of the frame.

Andrew S. Gibson moves past the traditional discussion of thirds by showing how a more holistic approach can turn a conventional rule into a powerful tool. The ebook explores important subjects like the creative use of balance and focal points, insights into how to shape a subject, and using aspect ratio to establish an ideal foundation for making photographs, and so much more!

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New Craft & Vision eBook – Making Light 2

Strobist flash is very popular yet many people are still scared of flash and or need a kick start on how to use flash more creatively. The first volume of Making Light was a fantastic eBook and now it has been followed up with an even more advanced guide in Making Light 2. Get is now at Craft & Vision by clicking here and you will be helping us out as well. Click on the Read More tag to find out about the special launch offer.

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New eBook from Craft & Vision – The Inspired Eye, Volume 3

As you are all likely aware, we are big fans of Craft & Vision eBooks and David DuChemin the man behind improving craft over gear. Today is the release of his new book The Inspired Eye, Volume 3.

We have just begun diving into it and for less than a decent burger meal – as always with Craft & Vision books – you cannot go wrong spending a little to gain a lot of inspiration. Full details of what the book is about when you click on the “Read More”.

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New Craft & Vision eBook – ANDES, by Andrew S. Gibson

The new Craft & Vision eBook is Available: ANDES, The Print & The Process Series. Using both film and digital capture, Gibson captures the natural and majestic beauty of places like Machu Picchu; as well as, the rich culture and struggles of the Incas and their mountain lifestyle in a raw and intimate journey that is as much about photography as it is about adventure. Andrew is a gifted teacher and photographers will learn from this journey if they’re willing to join him.

ANDES is available now as a downloadable PDF for just $5USD. Read on for a special offer. Book review to follow soon.

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New Craft & Vision eBook: Your Creative Mix

I haven’t had a chance yet to write my review on this new eBook, expect it soon, but in the meantime here is a little info about it and details on the launch special of 20% off for it and other Craft & Vision titles valid till 11:59pm PST July 23rd, 2011. Read on for more info.

Your Creative Mix takes an in-depth look at the value of growing your passion for art, honing your creative skills, and finding new ways to connect and share with likeminded people as a way to grow your photography business.

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Book Review: “A Deeper Frame” by David duChemin

In this eBook,* duChemin explains how to achieve greater depth in ones photos. In photography, depth can mean many things but he makes it clear of what type of depth he’s referring to. He isn’t referring to emotional depth, conceptual depth or, in his own words, “rich symbolism that illicit the “”Whoa man, that’s deep,” responses from the black-turtleneck, art-nic crowd.” He discusses spacial depth and 3 dimensionality in the physical world. In essence, how to take a 3 dimensional world and portray it the way you want to in a 2 dimensional medium.

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New eBook from Craft & Vision: A Deeper Frame

New eBook Available! A Deeper Frame by David duChemin

By now you may well be aware that we really enjoy the Craft & Vision range of eBooks. At $5.00 (that roughly R35.00 at current rate of exchange) you could skip buying one fast food lunch meal – opting to take lunch instead – and spend that money on a read that will help improve your photography in your lunch break instead. Today the new book A Deeper Frame” by David duChemin has been released. There is also a great deal running with its launch where if you buy a collection of Craft & Vision books before the end of 2 July 2011, you can get between 20-34% off. Check out the full release after the break for more. Plus the new book is being reviewed by Armani as well, that’s coming soon.

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Book Review: (micro)STOCK by Nicole S. Young

I admit, I am one of those photographers who has tried my hand at making money by selling (trying at least) to sell my images through stock libraries in an effort to pay for my terribly costly camera snapping habit. Sadly, while  I have sold one  image,  I need to sell another 100 before I can get paid out what I have earned. Not really successful. Now I have gone through Nicole S. Young’s new book, published by Craft & Vision called (micro)STOCK: FROM PASSION TO PAYCHECK. What a wow moment.

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