Affordable Mirrorless options

Mirrorless cameras have taken some time to gain popularity in South Africa, largely because they are misunderstood.  However as popularity and education increase, there is a growing desire for these great machines.  Especially so for the hobbiest, enthusiast on a budget or the person wanting fantastic image quality, but with compact size.  Call it the … Read moreAffordable Mirrorless options

UPDATED – Sony’s A7/A7R have landed!

After a host of leaks and much discussion, we finally have the official products.  May I introduce to you the Alpha A7 and A7R. (For our Editor’s first impressions on the A7, check out his story over at   Now for those not to a fay with Sony’s branding structures, previously the “Alpha” branding … Read moreUPDATED – Sony’s A7/A7R have landed!

Sony merges NEX and Alpha cameras with the new A3000

Unlike Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung, Sony have not yet created a DSLR looking mirrorless camera in their NEX range. While the A3000 is not strictly speaking an NEX, it is the first DSLR looking mirrorless camera of theirs to use NEX’s E-mount. Thing is, while it looks like a DSLR it is not a DSLR. … Read moreSony merges NEX and Alpha cameras with the new A3000

Quick Post: Possible Patent for Canon Mirrorless?

Canon Rumors website have posted this bit of news on a new patent for what they are speculating is a Canon EF adapter for some future mirrorless camera. While I don’t doubt that as a possibility I cannot help but make a wild imaginative shot in the dark and say with Sony having released the … Read moreQuick Post: Possible Patent for Canon Mirrorless?