First Impression: Sony A35 and NEX-C3

The last couple of weeks have been terrible since we got samples of both the NEX-C3 and Alpha A35 but were sworn to secrecy as – at the time – there was no official release date for either camera. Now the news is official and we can share our first thoughts and begin our reviews a little more publicly.

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Hasselblad Launches the New H4D-200MS

Back at Photokina in September last year Hasselblad announced that they were working on the H4D-200MS. Breaking it down, the 200 means 200 megapixels which is achieved by using Multi Shot (hence the MS) technology. According to a recent press release, Hasselblad have done extensive testing and the camera is now available… for 32,000 Euros. Those with the quarter resolution H4D-50MS can upgrade for 7,000 Euros by sending the camera to the factory in Denmark. Full press release after the break.

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News: Nikon D5100 + ME-1 Mic Announced

This morning we wake to the news that Nikon have unveiled the new D5100 and ME-1 Mic. The D5100 will obviously replace the old D5000 – which to be honest was not a favourite of mine personally – and sports a 16.2MP CMOS sensor as found in the D7000. Nikon have improved the flip-out and rotating screen by moving its hinge to the side like the Canon EOS 60D and 600D rather than at the bottom of the camera as was the case with the old D5000.

The ME-1 Mic is compatible with all Nikon’s (though it is likely to work on other brands) which accept a Mic through the standard audio jack. Nikon also have announce the production of their 60 millionth Nikkor lens. Full press release after the break.

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Photo Website of the Week: Japan on Big Picture

In light  of the recent events in Japan having heard the news yesterday on the radio and not owning a TV, I took to the net to find images and videos of the scenes that are capturing the world at this time. I came across’s Big Picture blog. Our heart goes out to those … Read morePhoto Website of the Week: Japan on Big Picture