News Round Up: More Photokina 2012 Announcements, Canon EOS 6D, Leica Range Refresh and more

The news continues to flow fast and furious out of Photokina 2012. Lets not waste time and jump right in.


A slightly better kept secret than the Nikon D600, Canon’s new EOS 6D is also aimed as an affordable entry into full frame photography. Features include a 20.2mp sensor with a DIGIC 5+ image processor that allows you to shoot at 4.5fps, offers in camera HDR and 1080p video capture at 30fps. ISO range is from 100 to 102,400 when extended. The autofocus system is claimed to work in light levels as low as EV-3. It looks to be a fantastic machine and sports built in Wi-Fi.

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News Round Up: Kodak Bankruptcy, New Sony Sensor,

There has been little bits of news all over the web in the past week or so. Some of it bigger than others. Like Kodak filing for bankruptcy. It is sad to see a company which was actually rather innovative – after all they practically invented digital photography – fall because it was too scared to cannibalise itself in a time where their film products ruled the roost. Sad thing is, they could have owned the digital market and still had a profitable film business it seems. Read on for more on this and other stories.

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November 2011 PhotoComment Magazine

In case you have missed the updates on our Facebook Page or Twitter, the November issue of PhotoComment magazine is now out on the counters and shelves of photographic retailers, colleges and clubs across the country. You can also check it out online. We are pleased to announce that the magazine is now in testing for the iPad. If you would like to try it out please use this link but be aware it is still in testing, though we would like your feedback.

Before we dive inside this issue, please accept my apologies for the several typos that crept into this edition. There were more distractions and interuptions than usual in October which had a major impact on our deadline and with a slight bit of dislexia on my side there were some spelling mistakes that slipped through to print which should not have. I promise to be more “Discilpined” in future 🙂 sorry Eric Palmer.

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Video Review: Olympus Tough TG-610 Plays Rugby

Recently Armani posted his review of the Olympus TG-810. A few weeks prior to his chilling experience in an icy winter pool we decided to put the smaller Olympus TG-610 through a Tough Test – pun intended – and see if it could survive being strapped to a rugby ball at Pirates Rugby Club practice. The result, better than us or any of the rugby team expected, not even a scratch. Check it out or read on for my thoughts on the camera further.

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Olympus Tough TG-810

The idea of having an almost unbreakable camera you can take virtually anywhere appeals to me greatly. It opens up so many possibilities of getting a shot that would have been restricted by the elements otherwise. The Olympus Tough TG-810 is the top of the range camera in the Tough range and is dust proof, 10 meters water proof, 2 meters drop proof, resistant to temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius and 100kg crush proof. So when given the camera to test, my imagination immediately went wild with ideas I’ve long wanted to recreate with my DSLR but was unable to because of it’s “allergies” to water.

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New Olympus SZ-30MR Shoots Video and Still at Once

Somehow we missed this one when it was announced. Olympus released two new compact cameras recently, in the Tough range was the TG-810 which is crush proof, waterproof, etc and has a GPS. Of more particular interest for me is the new SZ-30MR which shows the face of the future for cameras that do still and video. The SZ-30MR is capable of not only capturing 1080p Video but also 16MP still images simultaneously. Check out the full press release when you read on.

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Lots of New Releases from Nikon, Olympus etc at CP+ Expo

Its the CP+ Expo in Japan and with that comes a lot of new camera announcements. There is a whole Coolpix range revamp from Nikon, some more cameras from Olympus, lenses from Sigma and all in all too much to try and share it all here. If you want more in depth content I would suggest checking out 1001 Noisy Cameras and their CP+ 2011 Situation Room.

Read on for some of the highlights that have caught our interest the most.

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Review: Olympus PEN E-PL1

For those who may have missed the review in the January edition of PhotoComment Magazine, here it is in post form for you.

The PEN is Mightier than…

For those who know me, they will know how of late I’ve been complaining that conventional DSLR cameras are to bulky, heavy, inconvenient to carry every where, every day. For this reason I have been a great advocate of the new developments in mirrorless cameras.

This said, the war has become rather fierce among the the combatants in this new photographic world. Having tested Panasonic’s GF1 as well as Sony’s NEX-5, I was rather anxious to get my hands on the Olympus PEN E-PL1.

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