Wildlife Photography on an African Safari

Professional nature photographers make it look easy don’t they! A giraffe silhouetted against the setting sun; savannah landscapes of acacia trees under deep blue skies and the action sequence of a hungry cheetah catching a terrified springbok.

Yet wildlife photography, which sits next to bird, landscape and macro photography the umbrella of ‘nature photography’, is extremely challenging. Unlike studio photography there is very little that is under your control. To obtain good images you need to have the right equipment, know how to use the various items and have photographic vision. Basically you need to apply what is commonly known as the Five-P’s of photography. I’ll briefly list them here:

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New Look At Mundane

Sometimes the most ordinary things can look extraordinary if you change your perspective. I shot this image nice and low on the Sony NEX-5 which thanks to the flip out screen meant I didn’t have to kiss the dirt. This was imported on the iPad with a camera connector kit and then edited using Photogene.

Dear Photographer, Tip, Love Your Client.

Photographers give this some thought today: Dear Photographer taking my family’s pictures today. All people are unique. All Families are different.  Please don’t make us pose unnaturally to our natures.  My toddler does not sit still and pulls faces when he does – you’ll need to be prepared for that. We are not just some other family … Read moreDear Photographer, Tip, Love Your Client.

Photo Tip: Top Tips For Outstanding Pet Photography

Pet Photography Lisa Solonynko

Many photographers have a difficult time with pet photography. At first blush, it can be quite frustrating. With the right technique however, pet photography can be extremely rewarding.


Pet photography is no different than people portraits. When shooting portraiture, certain rules usually apply:

  • Don’t crop through joints
  • Keep eyes sharp
  • Get in close
  • Include negative space
  • Use the rule of thirds

These basic rules can easily apply to pet photography as well. The only difference is that animals can’t be told where to stand. A pet photographer needs to reposition themselves to get the shot.

Using the same composition rules for pets as for people will always create more compelling images.

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Photo Tip: Don’t Rush to Buy More Gear

Having done my time in photographic retail I often find that this time of year has people rushing out to buy a new lens, flash etc for the camera that they got as a gift at Christmas. Before you do anything further STOP! and read on.

It can be very exciting to have a new camera and trust me I know how anxious you are to start shooting wildlife images for National Geographic or fashion for ELLE but before you go splashing cash or crashing credit cards ask yourself if you have really hit the limits of what you already have?

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Photo Tip: Shut Up & Shoot Series by Frederick Van

This week my photography tip is to visit the website of Frederick Van (host of the This Week In Photo podcast) who has recently launched a new podcast series entitled Shut Up & Shoot. The series is already in Lesson 4 and are short simple tips of a few minutes, covering topics like Learning Your … Read morePhoto Tip: Shut Up & Shoot Series by Frederick Van