Sorry, NO camera’s allowed!

After reading Sfiso’s article on ‘The Unwelcome Camera‘, I wanted to write a follow on from a slightly different perspective. I experienced something unusual while having breakfast at a popular coffee shop. Those who know me, know that I capture my days in pictures. I do this so I can have something to help me remember what used to make me tick when I was young and did more than read the paper on a Sunday.

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Creative Way To Shoot Portraits?

A photography studio based in Canada (2D Photography) created a Rube Goldberg machine to take photographs. A what machine? A Rube Goldberg machine, which is defined on Wikipedia as: a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The studio began construction on it in January … Read moreCreative Way To Shoot Portraits?

Vega Course – Lesson One

As promised, here is the first lesson report from our gap year teenager. Seems the photography bug is biting from day one. Don’t forget you can win an intermediate course with Vega as well.

How to operate your camera and Time exposure photography

“Understanding your camera equipment is the first and probably most important step, you will take in developing your skill as a photographer”
– Intermediate Photography 2011 Module Manual Revised Edition (2010)

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Jumping The Gap (Year) & a Used Canon EOS 350D

Let me introduce you to Tristan (popular name these days) Wrench, your typical teen who has completed his schooling and has taken a gap year to figure out whats next in his life. He’s into parkour, drama and has done some great video editing for us in the past. To help him fill his gap year we arranged for him to attend an Intermediate Photography Course at Vega. First things first though, we needed a camera and on a tight budget we thought we would look second hand. KAMERAZ held the answer.

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Photography Addiction

I can see the desperation in her body language, the years of habit stirring deep within her. In spite of the biting cold, she gingerly and determinly struck the match. The cold makes her shake, especially her arms and hands, as an icy breeze blew out the flame. Frustrated, she tried again, the match bursts into life and this time she ignores the shakes and quickly lights the cigarette loosely lodged at her lips. That first drag fills her with satisfaction, her eyes closed and the cold breeze forgotten like a distant thought… the addiction.

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Pictures Reduce Pain

I have been in the process of moving and not being the most patient of people I chose on Saturday to do a fair bit of moving on my own. I am still not sure if that is what is to blame, but by lunch time my body was aching, my head was burning yet the rest of me was freezing. It was terrible. Sunday afternoon got a little better but I did find myself perspiring as if I was sitting in a sauna. Why am I telling you this and grossing you all out?

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Wildlife Photography on an African Safari

Professional nature photographers make it look easy don’t they! A giraffe silhouetted against the setting sun; savannah landscapes of acacia trees under deep blue skies and the action sequence of a hungry cheetah catching a terrified springbok.

Yet wildlife photography, which sits next to bird, landscape and macro photography the umbrella of ‘nature photography’, is extremely challenging. Unlike studio photography there is very little that is under your control. To obtain good images you need to have the right equipment, know how to use the various items and have photographic vision. Basically you need to apply what is commonly known as the Five-P’s of photography. I’ll briefly list them here:

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Alex in Wonderland in ELLE Magazine

Just yesterday we posted a teaser video of the latest ELLE Magazine shoot called Alex in Wonderland. Today the issue went on sale and we now bring you some of the image by Freddie Child Villiers. Read on for the gallery and grab the latest issue if you want to study the images in more detail.

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Stop Making Excuses, SHOOT!


This post is aimed more at me but I cannot help think it will apply to many more of you. About a week ago (while recovering in my sick bed) I got a call with a request to please help out by shooting some portrait images for a former colleague. We set a date for 3 March when I hoped to be well enough to not be short of breathe by picking up a camera bag. I suddenly realised after ending the call that I had not been in a studio for many months… in fact… I haven’t been shooting for myself very often. It is time to take action.

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Quick Post: Joe McNally’s Thoughts on Being The Family Photographer

I was touched, as were many others, by Joe McNally’s recent post on his mothers passing and the images he captured of her. He has followed that post up with another and in his opening, he really hits the point home of the important role we, as photographers in our families, play in documenting our … Read moreQuick Post: Joe McNally’s Thoughts on Being The Family Photographer