Jel Distribution SA (Pty) Ltd – SA’s Olympus Distributor

Here at we are happy to kick off the Suppliers Spotlight category of our site with a feature on Jel Distribution, the company responsible for the Olympus brand here in South Africa. My thanks to Nicole Kam of Jel Corporation who responded to our invitation for local suppliers to use this platform as a means of further promoting their companies and products.

Introduction to Jel Distribution:

Jel Corporation was incorporated on 18 September 2001. Jel Distribution South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Jel Corporation and is principally engaged in the trading and distribution of photographic products, writing instruments and fast-moving consumer goods in emerging markets. We have distribution agreements with reputable companies.

Product Range:

Jel Distribution SA (Pty) Ltd are the proud distributors of Olympus, Efiniti, Waterman, Parker and Paper mate

Jel’s key focus:

At JEL, we seek to bridge the world though our expanding networks in emerging markets. Committed to taking brands and businesses across the globe and ensuring their success, we constantly seek to establish distribution networks in new emerging markets and offer value-added services.

Key Dealers for Olympus:


The Digital Experince

Photo and Beyond


KPE Chatsworth

Pro Photo Trust

Shap’s Cameraland


Contact details:

Jel Distribution SA (Pty) Ltd 011 372 4000

Marketing :

Nicole 011 372 4031 (Olympus)

Sofia 011 372 4033 (Paper mate)

Lynnette 011 372 4036 (Parker & Waterman)


Shaun 011 372 4000

Nick 011 372 4000

Christo 083 301 0748

Nicky 083 324 7831

Scott 082 774 8711

James 082 572 9783

Order Entry:

Jean 011 372 4060

Eliza 011 372 4053

Lebo 011 372 4050


Ramu 011 372 4081

Michelle 011 372 4026

Sherwin 011 372 4024


Steve 011 372 4084

Sammy 011 372 4014

Website for Olympus: