New Olympus E-3 firmware

Hamburg, 29 January 2008 – The latest firmware upgrade for Olympus’ flagship D-SLR, the E-3, is adding even more power and reliability to an already-impressive package. The upgrade is available for immediate download at no charge.Improvements featured in the firmware upgrade include the following:

* Dial operation on the power grip HLD-4 has been improved. The relationship between the rotation of the dial and the movement direction of the AF target has also been optimised.
* Battery check function has been improved to extend shooting time before the need to recharge when the power grip HLD-4 is attached.
* Focusing now stops immediately when the AF start button (AEL/AFL or Fn button) is released.
* Improved performance with the FL-50R or FL-36R flash units when undertaking bounce flashes at short distances.
* The selection and prioritisation of the central five ranging points when shooting in C-AF mode and dynamic-single target mode has been improved.
* The image stabilisation function is now also available with non-Four Thirds System interchangeable lenses by inputting a specific focal length.

To download and install this firmware update, simply open the Olympus Master software, connect the camera via USB to the computer and log onto the internet. Choose the Update Camera function from the Online Service menu in the Olympus Master software and the update will commence immediately.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Franziska Jorke

Olympus Europa GmbHTel.: +49-40-237 73-4759Email:

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