Quick Post: CES Camera Rumours


The guys at Engadget have picked out a few of the camera rumours doing the rounds leading up to CES next week which could make for some interesting reading http://tinyurl.com/3aoae4e

We can tell you what what we are fairly certain we will see and which Sony Alpha Rumors has hinted at. Things like the Cybershot HX1 which is really in need of an upgrade now. It will most likely have a bigger zoom, Exmor R sensor, AVCHD video with 3D Sweep Panoramic. While we dont expect a new NEX camera just yet we really are holding thumbs on the announcement at long last of the Alpha 700 replacement, be it the A77 or what ever they want to call it.

Its a given to expect some consumer 3D video cameras but what would be very cool is a 3D Bloggie.

Lastly, we expect some kind of light shedding on the high end camera front from Nikon and Canon. We know of some people going over to CES by invitation of at least one of these two brands which leads us to believe that there is more than some new Powershots bwing launched. Oops, does that give away who it is?