The Cow Artworks – A Black & White photographic Gallery

The Cow Artworks – A Black and White photographic Gallery In Parkhurst

During a visit to Europe in 2004, I bought a number of framed black and white photographic artprints to hang in my house. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much I loved them and I started to import work from the USA and France. Somehow I ended up with 300 beautiful new pieces just crying out to be put on display – and, in August 2004, the Cow Artworks was born.

Collecting photographs today is both affordable and immensely rewarding. Personal taste is obviously paramount and the market allows for great variety with a wealth of material on offer. The key, of course, is to buy what you like. If you collect paintings, sculpture, prints or other decorative arts, photography complements these mediums perfectly.

One of the first services I offered was to visit people’s homes, looking with a fresh eye at their art decor, offering to reframe family photographs, transferring some to black and white and adding original photography to their collection.


To date, we have provided artwork for an above the line production house, hairdressing and beauty salons, banks and IT corporations – plus, of course, many private and holiday homes.

By keeping a close eye on the trends in Europe and the USA, we endeavour to bring something unique to South Africa – work never seen before in this country and highly affordable.

I’m delighted at the reception we’ve so far received within the arts community. People love the fact that there is a gallery specializing in black and white photography which is affordable, original and, quite frankly, beautiful. Because black and white photography is nostalgic, romantic – and truly tells a story.


We have held exhibitions for Bruce Hill, Michele Metrier-Limarcher and Chris Kitchoff as well as for three resident photographers who are:

* Athol Rheeder
* David Epstein
* Des Oxford
* Rob Mills
* Tate Husband

Michael Doran, one of South Africa’s top photographer’s who trained in London’s work can be viewed at the gallery as well.

And finally…

Photography is one of the major art forms of our time. Invented just over 150 years ago, and continually evolving, photography has become the favourite medium for both communication and aesthetic expression.

Photographers have produced beautiful and important images that not only give us pleasure but also play an important role in helping us see and interpret the world.

Today, the photography market is strong and stable, primed for major growth in the future and filled with many opportunities for both the seasoned and new collector.

And the Cow Artworks is ready and waiting… . . .


Address: 3 The Cobbles, Fourth Avenue,Parkhurst
Telephone: 082 561 1201
Owner: Doreen Pfeiffer