PhotoComment is a South African based website, published from March 2009 to February 2014, focusing on various different aspects of photography, from the technical to creative elements and industry news. PhotoComment also publishes a free photography magazine. We aim to share in the passion of photography with our readers.

Some of the regular features you will find on PhotoComment’s website include:

  • Website of the Week: Where each Saturday we highlight a photography website that held us captive.
  • Photo Friday: As part of an ongoing competition. Each Friday we will pick our favourite readers image from the week as a finalist for a year end prize.
  • Photo Tip Tuesdays: Get tips on how to improve your photogrpahy or change the way you think when you next pick up your camera.
  • News: If you want to be kept up to date on the latest photography news then this is for you.
  • Reviews: We try stay clear from the technical and ask how will it help your end result, the photograph.
  • Tutorials: Our how to section on improving your photographs.
  • Q&A: Ask us your photographic related questions.

On top of all these regular features you can also check out what photographic competitions are on the go.

Meet the Team

It takes great people to make a great site or publication and we are fortunate to have such people on a growing team. Some are here more often than others but the one common thread is the love of photography.

Tristan – Founder

As founder of PhotoComment Tristan usually has a lot to say and in relatively short space of time he has experienced the photography industry almost full spectrum. From camera repairs, to photographic retail, wholesale, marketing for one of the large camera brands, part time photographer and of course blogger there is hardly a moment when he is not eating, drinking and occasionally getting some sleep where photography is not involved.


Where ever you see admin on the site you can be sure it is Greg whose behind it. Greg’s experience is diverse and ranges from retail, wholesale, video, sound, design… shall we go on? It is ultimately Greg who makes this site tick,exercises his creative expression in the designing of the magazine and keeps an eye on technology and where its going.

Rikki Hibbert

Rikki is an award winning South African photographer who loves being inspired and fulfilled. Her passion for photography started when she was 11, at the age of 16, after winning the Best Photographer Award at The Royal Show,  was inspired to pursue a career in photography. She completed her degree in Photography cum laude in 2003, and has been working as a commercial photographer for the past seven years for local and international clients. Rikki  also loves discovering new places and documenting her travels by ‘shooting from the hip’. When she is not looking through the viewfinder, she is most likely browsing antique stores, vintage prop shopping, writing tutorials, cooking  up a storm, or designing wallpaper.

Lisa Solonynko – Magazine Contributor

An award winning professional photographer currently working in Ontario, Canada. Lisa’s passion remains creating images that are dynamic and thought provoking. When reflecting on what it means to be a photographer in the 21st century she explains, “We live in a fantastic time, photographically. Technology is progressing so quickly and is so powerful. Coupling emerging technology with our natural environment provides so many possibilities for people to view and enjoy photography”. In addition to her fine art photography, Lisa’s images have appeared in many publications and media campaigns including: King’s College (UK), Pinpoint Medical, Simon Fraser University, and University of Exeter (UK).

Comment Media (Closed)

Both Greg and Tristan are the co-founders of Comment Media which is the company that evolved out of PhotoComment – a labour of love – into the digital publishing company it is today. Comment Media is in the business of content creation. Contact them if you want to know more about their services and offerings.

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