Photo Website of the Week: 9 Oct 2010

Following Photokina we have been honoured to receive several mentions and referals from other fantastic websites. We would like to show our appreciation to at least two of these website by making them our Photo Websites for this week.

Sony Alpha Rumors.

There is a lot of talk on photography forums at the lack of conversation on brands other than Canon and Nikon, in particular a fair amount of noise comes from what appears to be a rapidly growing number of Sony users. So, if you are a Sony user and you are looking for a great Sony Alpha orientated website (and you don’t know about it already) then is the place to be.

1001 Noisy Cameras

A resource I make use of often, is the place to go for talk on whats coming and whats just been announced camera wise. A great service rendered on this site is the ability to click on reviews for a particular model camera and find a list compiled and placed into groups of various different reviews from across the web.

With great articles across all brands 1001 Noisy Cameras is in some ways the hub of all things camera related with connecting links all over the photographic web.

Once again, a big thank you to these sites among others for taking note of our Photokina Reports and reviews and linking through.