Photo Website of the Week: Japan on Big Picture

In light  of the recent events in Japan having heard the news yesterday on the radio and not owning a TV, I took to the net to find images and videos of the scenes that are capturing the world at this time. I came across’s Big Picture blog. Our heart goes out to those who have been so poorly effected by this catastrophic event. I passed Sony South Africa’s offices in Midrand yesterday on the way home for the KIKI Meet Up and was told of contacts they made with people in Tokyo still working from under their desks as the buildings swayed… does life really go on that quickly?

I was shocked in some ways (though I understand to make the news applicable to one’s readers) as photographic and gadget sites across the net began to report on factories of Nikon, Canon, Sony etc that would be impacted by this disaster and the reports so soon afterwards from these companies – I guess in efforts to alleviate fears of investors – reporting how staff and facilities have been affected. It seems that in this busy world the only thing that seems to stop and acknowledge the effects of the massive earthquake and tsunami are the photographs. Do not forget the impact of a moment frozen in time.