Tips for Shooting Motor Sports

Motor sports photography can be one of the most technically challenging types of photography there is. Even when you know the theory behind the right technique, that award winning photo is, many of the times, just impossible to get. Add to that the high speed action and danger of motor sports photography and you have a recipe, not only for photos coming out badly, but  also possibly a quick trip to the hospital.

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World Photography Day

Today is World Photography day, so go out today and take at least one photo of something or someone special you love, even if it just taken on a camera phone, you’ll be contributing to celebrating a very special day indeed. Can you even begin to image a world without a photograph in it? We can often take them for granted but a world without photos of your wedding day, your child’s first steps and family holidays would just not be the same.

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Olympus Tough TG-810

The idea of having an almost unbreakable camera you can take virtually anywhere appeals to me greatly. It opens up so many possibilities of getting a shot that would have been restricted by the elements otherwise. The Olympus Tough TG-810 is the top of the range camera in the Tough range and is dust proof, 10 meters water proof, 2 meters drop proof, resistant to temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius and 100kg crush proof. So when given the camera to test, my imagination immediately went wild with ideas I’ve long wanted to recreate with my DSLR but was unable to because of it’s “allergies” to water.

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Review: Bang Bang Club the Movie

Review by Armani Quintas
When I was still a student studying photography, I learned about the Bang Bang Club in photographic history. For some reason I was strongly drawn to this story of four South African photographers covering the last days of township violence before the 1994 elections. My lecturer strongly recommended I go to the school library and read the book. I did and quickly fell in love with the book. Long story short, it is a great read. I’d go so far as to say it’s one of my favourite books, not because it’s local, or because it’s photography related. But because it really is that good. It’s action packed, full of drama and hard to put down. Marinovich and Silva tell a compelling story well. When reading the book, I thought to myself, “this would make an amazing movie.” Imaging my excitement when I heard it was going to be turned into a full length feature film.

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A brief review of the Pentax K-r

My brother is 5 years younger than me and, since finishing matric not long ago, has been thinking about what he wants to study after high school. After much thought (and changing he’s mind countless times) he’s decided to follow in my foot steps and study photography and so asked me what I’d recommend for his first camera.

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Book Review: “A Deeper Frame” by David duChemin

In this eBook,* duChemin explains how to achieve greater depth in ones photos. In photography, depth can mean many things but he makes it clear of what type of depth he’s referring to. He isn’t referring to emotional depth, conceptual depth or, in his own words, “rich symbolism that illicit the “”Whoa man, that’s deep,” responses from the black-turtleneck, art-nic crowd.” He discusses spacial depth and 3 dimensionality in the physical world. In essence, how to take a 3 dimensional world and portray it the way you want to in a 2 dimensional medium.

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Digital Lomography

I must admit, I love lomography. I love the high contrast, the grain, the vignetting and the intentionally bad image quality. I love the retro look and the concept of taking a camera with you everywhere and shooting the odd random picture completely unplanned. Lomo has a way of taking mundane subjects and making them look like art. It has so much character and is completely different to the clinically perfect results of modern digital cameras with the correct colors and exposure.

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Fujifilm X100 Review

A few months ago when the X100 was first announced , I immediately became very excited. Despite being of a completely different generation to when rangefinders were commonplace, I love their simplicity and style of shooting. In the modern world of DSLR’s and digital compacts, rangefinders are becoming scarce. Due to the nature of how a rangefinder works, today’s method of trigger happy shooting where just holding down the shutter button to take hundreds of photos, hoping at least one will be a “keeper,” isn’t encouraged. Composition requires effort and focusing requires time. Because time is taken, it forces the user to think hard about shooting and usually the result is better photos.

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