Photo Tip: Quick and Easy Photo Resizing without an image editor!

So, you have a bunch of photos you want to resize to email or upload to a website. (PhotoComment’s Photo Friday Competition for example) However you don’t have access to PhotoShop or the like and need to do them in a hurry. Well here is a simple yet often overlooked method for quickly resizing your photos on any PC.

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Review: Samsung HMX-Q10BP Camcorder

I have to start off by saying that I am not a big fan of small video cameras. They are generally either too small to hold comfortably and are always too basic for my liking. Enter the Samsung Q10BP. At first I thought this would be just another small video camera that is going to annoy me, but I was pleasantly suprised. This Samsung camcorder is comfortable to use and has just enough manual functionality to keep me happy.

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Review: Sony CLM-V55 LCD Screen

Sony have launched a very nice LCD screen that can be used as a monitor screen while shooting HD video with any camera that has an HDMI output. This 5” monitor comes with 2 mount adapters to allow you to fit it onto a Sony Hotshoe or onto the Standard type Hotshoe that the other camera manufacturers use. The mount attaches to the screen via a standard ¼” tripod thread so that the screen can be mounted to any tripod, stand or bracket that has this standard screw attachment.

Review: Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera

The Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera is cool. Lets just start there. It is a camera for shooting whatever it is you happen to be doing at the time. Quite literally if you can think of something extreme you want to make a video of the X170 can capture it for you.

The first thing I noted when opening the box was all the accessories. It comes standard with handlebar, helmet and goggle mounts as well as the necessary usb and video cables for viewing your awesome footage. The cherry on top is the remote control for stopping and starting the recording. It can attach to a

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Photokina Report: Sony Alpha SLT-A55 Speed Priority Mode

Sony has introduced a new range of SLT cameras, the A33 & A55. SLT stands for Sinlge Lens Transluscnet. These cameras feature a transluscent mirror. This means that the mirror doesn’t move when you take a picture, the picture is transmitted through the mirror to the sensor. What does this mean in real life? Well the point I am focusing on in this post is the speed priority mode. In this mode you are able to shoot 10, yes thats right ten frames per second.

Here is a video you may already have watched in our post on the Sony Press Conference here at Photokina, if not take look at the difference between 3fps and 10fps, if you have already watched watch it again it’s pretty cool!

Here is a series of still I shot today on Sony’s stand at Photokina 2010. There are 26 shot in this sequence shot at 10 frames per second. The only reason I had to stop was that I was using a slower memory as my fast card was already full of other stuff. But the important thing to note here is that you are only limited by the speed of your card when shooting in high speed, the faster your card the more shots you get. In an ideal world where we could fast enough cards you could probably shoots 10fps all day.

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Photokina Report: First hands on with the Sony NEX-VG10

As some of you may have picked up by now I enjoy shooting video even more than shooting stills, provided I have the right equipment. We also know that all the DSLR manufacturers are trying to get in on the action of the 5D MkII. We also now that Sony has been hanging back.

We recently reviewed the NEX-5 which is a crossover camera offering the simplicity of use of a compact camera. This camera was the first interchangeable lens camera available from Sony to shoot full HD video. The NEX-VG10 I am talking about here is the video form, big brother of the NEX-5.

I have always maintained that although a DSLR can shoot HD video and the quality is unquestionable, there is a reason a video camera has always had a very similar shape or form. This is because you hold a camera differently when shooting video as opposed to shooting stills. The reason people ‘struggle along’ with a DSLR is the size of the sensor. The bigger sensor of the DSLR allows better low light performance and the ability to use faster aperture lenses gives you more control over depth of field.

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