Pixel Knight TR-332 Trigger Set: Tutorial for Canon 5D Mark II


The Pixel Knight Trigger Set is an advanced high performance wireless flash trigger. Simply attach the transmitter to your camera hot shoe and the receiver to your flash, and you have a wireless light setup. Changes made on the camera are transmitted to the off-camera flash by a half-press of the shutter.

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Review: Lowepro Passport Sling

Camera Bag or Everyday Fashion Item?

Review By: Tristan Hall & Rikki Hibbert

Now don’t you worry, I am not going to pretend to know something about fashion or the coffee club culture but this review is going to have a twist. To try offer a balanced perspective, Rikki is going to be our more fashionable, female and should we say modern reviewer, while I, Tristan will apply the more conservative… perhaps typically South African male point of view.

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Photo Tip: Prepare Gear the Night Before

While I may be writing this weeks Photo Tip, the idea comes from Rikki who regularly contributes here on PhotoComment. Rikki’s tip “Always prep your camera gear the night before a shoot, so there is time to charge your batteries, check your memory cards, pack your props, and make sure you have everything you need.”

We asked Rikki why this would be her photo tip. Here is her story.

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Equipment Review: Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud

The Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud is a diffuser that fits onto almost any camera flash, and is an item that no event or wedding photographer should be without. Other diffusers on the market merely direct the light, whereas the Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud illuminates the entire room, mimicking ambient lighting, and produces soft, flattering light.

So how does it work?
Bouncing your flash off the ceiling produces diffused light, but sometimes, depending on your surroundings, this is not always possible. This is where the Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud makes all the difference…

The majority of the light goes towards the ceiling, however, the bowl (the Tupperware-looking part) is also illuminated, creating an additional light source. Together, this creates a combination of bounce flash, with the benefits of fill in flash.

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Glass Jar Photo Frames

Recycle Reuse & Repurpose

Glass Jar Photo Frames05-step-5

In South Africa, recycling is a way of life that not very many people incorporate into their daily routine. Partly because we do not have the facilities or many places that offer this service, but mainly because most people are too lazy to think about what happens to their rubbish once they toss it in the bin.

So instead of carelessly dumping your trash, one of the ways you can help give used things a second life, is to reuse your glass jars, and use them as novelty photo frames.

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