2012 Photo Decathlon Competition

It has arrived: the PhotoComment 2012 Photo Decathlon. Those of you who have picked up the February issue of PhotoComment Magazine (or have been very attentive on the site) will know a little about it, but here is the official statement…

Over the years we have enjoyed seeing your images and have tried different types of competitions to urge you to share more of your photographs with us. Some have worked better than others. We took a break for the last few months in order to work on an initiative that would be more challenging and inspiring, but one that would challenge your creativity, while also being more rewarding.

From March through to December 2012 we will be issuing a monthly theme around which you can submit your images for judging. Some themes will carry prizes. Other themes will just be for the thrill of the fight (play nice though… this is more about improving your personal skills). Each of the top 20 photographers in each theme will be awarded points for their image and for their placement within that particular theme. In January 2013 – with the final theme’s judging completed – we will tally the points. The overall winner will then be the photographer who has accumulated the highest score.

Are you wondering what the prizes are? We will be announcing more and more prizes as the competition progresses. As we now kick off with the March theme, the two sponsors on board are Vega and Graham Robertson Photographic. There are more brands coming on board and we will be finalising their prizes in the coming weeks. In the mean time, get shooting! We will announce each theme in the month prior; in order to give you two months in which to enter your images.

Charge your batteries, pop in an empty card (or a new roll of film) and kick that lens cap off!