Care to Share with Canon Story: Leon Heyes

Care to Share with Canon Story: Leon Heyes

The entries into Care to Share are picking up and there are some great stories. As they come in we  will keep picking some of our favourites to share with you and keep you inspired to enter and stand a chance to win the Canon EOS 500D + 18-55mm IS. You can find out more about the competition and submit your entry here.

Accidental Formatting of Cards

I have learnt the hard way to never leave your camera’s menu on FORMAT DISC after you have just formatted a disc. ALWAYS move it to something else once you have formatted a disc.

I ALWAYS carry my Canon 50D with the strap around my neck. This means that the back of the camera is up against your body. VERY easily your camera makes contact with your Menu button, and if the menu has been left on FORMAT DISC, it can easily format you disc for you without you even knowing it.

I know that you can recover images off a disc that has been formatted …. but my shattered nerves say RATHER BE SAFE THAN SORRY!!

By Leon Heyes