Orange Filter – Digital B&W

It has only been a few months that I have been shooting digital seriously and in this brief period of time I have discovered one major flaw… choice.

Before the revolution of CCD, photographers were in many ways limited in regards to their creativity. Sure we had many choices in terms of film, but your choice was really based on what characteristics you knew the various films would give you and more than that was dependant upon your relationship with your lab.

Today with digital that is not the case. Before you either carried two bodies – one for colour and one B&W – or you lived with the choice of either. Today when you shoot digital, specifically SLR, who make that choice on the PC and this is where I lack the power to choose. I frequently find myself torn between the colour image or converting it to black and white, often doing both or passing on to the next image where the debate begin once more. Today I began an experiment to help phase out that choice. I have begun shooting with and orange filter.

The images attached to this article demonstrate the trial run. I found that there was more detail in this image than there was in the colour version converted from there. Though I am still playing with the idea, the one thing that I found right away, once shot with orange there is only one way to go – Black and White.