Stop Making Excuses, SHOOT!


This post is aimed more at me but I cannot help think it will apply to many more of you. About a week ago (while recovering in my sick bed) I got a call with a request to please help out by shooting some portrait images for a former colleague. We set a date for 3 March when I hoped to be well enough to not be short of breathe by picking up a camera bag. I suddenly realised after ending the call that I had not been in a studio for many months… in fact… I haven’t been shooting for myself very often. It is time to take action.

I get asked often what I have been shooting lately and I realise that I seldom pick up a camera for myself. As such, in the beginning of the year, I asked Greg about the creation of Contributor pages. See, I am hoping that I can enlist your help here. I have a personal blog but it is highly neglected so I am hoping that I can share an image with you every so often, at least once a month if not more often, for your feedback and input as I begin taking images for myself again and not shooting only when I get a chance to do a review of a new camera. At the same time, I may use reviews as a chance to shoot for myself but my idea is not to clinically review but rather shoot more meaningful images for me as I try to get back into my personal photography.

In the end, I need to put an end to my excuses of, I am too busy writing to be out shooting. So this is a little selfish but I am hoping you will help me and from time to time if I have been quiet shout out and say “Where is a new pic” and when a pic is up share your thoughts on it. Are you with me?