Touching on Tabs as Photographer Tools

Last year, Greg and I acquired the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The past month has seen me getting an iPad and Greg very recently the iPad 2. You can see our review of both the Galaxy Tab and the iPad2 on our sister site, SA Review. In addition to this, I shared my review on the Galaxy Tab as a tool or toy for photographers over at This Week In Photo.

In the last few days, word has spread of a Camera Connector adapter coming out for the Motorola Xoom tablet which runs Google’s actual tablet version of Android, version 3.0 or as it is better known, Honeycomb. This combined with the new Direct Mode feature on Eye-fi cards – which I have been testing recently with great success on both my devices – leaves only one major weakness for Android tablet owners to be able to apply their gadget to their photographic endeavors and that is the lack of decent photo editing apps.

A week or two ago we reviewed Photogene, a Photoshop app for the iPad that puts Adobe’s own Photoshop Express to shame.

Having used both the Galaxy Tab and the iPad extensively I am now very much in two minds about which I prefer. When I go photo walking, the iPad stays in the car as I don’t like carrying a bag around with me, the Galaxy Tab fits right in my back pocket and now with direct mode on Eye-fi I can mail or share pics right away while we still walking about. On the flip side of the coin, it would be nice to do a little editing on the fly from time to time which is why the iPad will still stick around. My workflow then is to get to a coffee shop after the walk, download to the iPad, edit and… well I can insert one picture at a time into a post using the WordPress or Blogpress apps, but Apple won’t allow you to access photos without an app and the gallery plugin on our site is not supported by either of the two previously mentioned blogging apps so I cannot upload images to a gallery online directly from my iPad.

In the end, neither device is perfect, but if Motorola’s move to offer camera connectivity for the Xoom can motivate the guys at Photogene or similar to make their great apps available on Android as well, iPad may be one feature down on the competition in terms of photographic applications. Come on Apple, let us have file browsing access on our iPads.