Epson & Nikon – Develop Yourself Event

Today we attended a Epson and Nikon event at Freedom Square in Soweto entitled ‘Develop Yourself’. The format of the day was a brief introduction to Epson where we learnt that the origin of their name dates back to 1964 when Seiko created the first mini printer, the EP101 for the Tokyo Olympics. The name Epson is therefore made of the EP (from the EP101) and all its SONs (the printers that followed).

Following the Epson intro, Nikon South Africa’s Public Relations officer Tobi Ginsberg, spoke a bit about Nikon in South Africa and introduced us to the camera we would be using for the day, the Nikon Coolpix S5100.

With the formal introductions concluded it was over to Frank Krummacher from the College of Digital Photography who gave us a brief run through on how to get the best out of this little camera both in terms of the mechanics of the tool and the techniques of photography like composition. This session was followed by a fantastic presentation and Q&A session with the famous photographer Alf Kumalo. We shot some HD video of Alf with the Coolpix S5100 which we should have up in the next few days.

Armed with all this knowledge we headed out onto Freedom Square in Soweto to shoot to our hearts content.

Upon returning to the hotel we all got to experience Epson’s fantastic range of home, multifunctional inkjet printers – wow thats a mouthful. As someone who does not enjoy spending too much time behind a computer editing pictures these printers are great. With a built in card reader that accepts basically all cards and a colour preview screen, you can print direct from the printer without having to turn a computer on and the results are spectacular.


I think the point that hit home from this event is – to paraphrase the General Manager of Epson South Africa – that a great picture that is not printed is a tragedy. There were a number of fantastic images today shot by several people all on the same model compact camera which proves that the best camera is the one you are using and that your style or vision is little influenced by the gear you use. In addition to this, the best images are worth printing and today its easy enough to get great results by printing it yourself. Today we developed ourselves in vision and in print.