NMMU fashion exhibition “Fixated” at Epsac

The word ‘fixate’ is an obsessive focus, attachment and fastening to a person or image.  A NMMU fashion exhibition opening at the upper gallery of Epsac Community Art next week (3-15 December 2010), shatters an initial view of fashion as superficial and on the surface.  “The notion of humanness demands or expects something more.” suggests exhibition curator Maran Coates, “Fashion often attempts to be beyond real. The mixture of fashion in fabric form, in photography and film in this exhibition allows the viewer to return to human sensibility or real human encounter.”

The exhibition developed by NMMU postgraduate students Maran Coates, Simon Kuhn and Gerhardt Coetzee in conversation with Applied Design lecturer Margot Muir highlights a tenderness within fashion, the subtlety of the sensory and sublime thought which contrasts with the dominant view of fashion as frivolous.

“ Jean Claude suggests we become fixated on things that are impermanent; the tenderness that we have for the temporary, for life, for immediacy.  For example, we become fixated on youthfulness and part of its power is that it is fleeting” comments graphic designer Simon Kuhn.

The title of the exhibition “Fixated”, drawn from an image of photographer Gerhardt Coetzee, forms the first level of seeing; a detail which is arresting, how parts integrate in composition, the relationship between fashion and lived experience.

The exhibition space includes the work of emerging NMMU photography student Estiaan Labuschagne, interpreting the work of fashion designer Lauren Gravett, who explores the notions of the quirky citizens of our global village.   Photographer Natalie Field, an NMMU alumni, captures the work of designer, Maran Coates, who highlights the contrasts of restriction and freedom in her range.

Photography alumni Sasha Hatherley interprets the work of fashion design alumni Kerys Bagg and Caryn Fourie in a sensitive yet futuristic image. Alumni Gerhardt Coetzee presents the theatre of fashion and spaces. Btech student Samantha Davis showing the work of fashion designer Nocebo Nohaji who’s textural detail is sensually captivating.  Btech photographer Shanna Paxton’s images explore perceptions of beauty.  A documentary of a fashion shoot by NMMU masters student Chris Kritzinger “I flicker, I decline’ is an absorbing view of fashion being created on film.

The exhibition opening will take place at 6pm on Thursday 2 December. The exhibition will run from 3-15 December at Epsac second floor gallery. Opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 10am – 4pm and Saturday 10am – 1pm (closed Sunday and Monday)

For further information contact

Maran Coates           072 998 6048

Margot Muir               076 042 7320