PhotoWalk 26 March 2011 – Parkour at Wits

It’s time to answer all of those who have been asking when our next PhotoWalk is, here you have it, Saturday 26 March 2011. We will be meeting up at 9am in the parking to the right (when facing the entrance) of the Johannesburg Planetarium at Wits University. Yale Road Entrance to Wits is the best according to the Planetariums website, check it out here.

So onto the next question you may have, “Why Wits?” Well, let me ask you if you know what Parkour is? It is often referred to as Free Running. To quote from Parkour SA’s website:

Parkour (pär’kôr), in its purest form, has been around since the dawn of time. From jumping over boulders to swinging through treetops, moving from point A to B and the need to clear obstacles has always been around.

On the 26th March,  Parkour SA will be having a meet up at Wits to which we have arranged for PhotoComment readers to attend and get some picture with a different twist than the average PhotoWalk. Now read on for some tips on what to bring, try etc.

What to Bring

  • Camera – obviously
  • Wide angle lens – the widest you have. If you want something wider than you own, maybe give LensRental a shout.
  • Memory cards, I suggest the higher speed ones as you will likely be pushing your motordrive a little.
  • Water or drinks in case its hot.

Tips for Shooting Parkour

I must be honest, I have only shot Parkour twice now so I cannot claim to be pro at it – if you or someone you know is then by all means invite them along. Here are the tips I can give you from my experience.

  • Shoot with your drive on so you can increase you chance on getting the better moment or even a great sequence of action
  • Talk to the guys before they make a move to find out their route or plan so you can pre focus for the action
  • Get your shutter speed up to freeze the action – if that’s not the look you want then that’s fine too – which could mean increasing your ISO
  • Wide angles lenses shooting from low down makes for a great perspective but you can also team up with others to cover the same move from multiple angles.
  • Shoot some video if your camera allows it or play with some strobe flash if you are confident enough to do a quick set up.
  • Get your subjects details so you can share images later when you’ve done your editing.
  • Lastly, be considerate on how taxing some of this stuff is on the guys and gals. While I dare say that most of us are not nearly as fit as them, dont expect them to do the same move over and over and over again for you to get a possible perfect shot, this is hard work and they also want to have fun or try new things before they are completely tired out.