Photo Fridays

Photo Fridays

Every week we look at the images which have  been submitted by you and pick our favourite for the week. Below you will find each weeks winning pics. While there is not a weekly prize, except for the bragging rights, there will be prizes awarded from time to time. Watch this page for details of what you can win.

Photo Friday Theme: Although as a general rule there is no set theme for the images we will from time to time set a them for a specific week or month. Please check here to see if we have set a theme when uploading your image.

Upload your images to our Flickr group or to Instagram with the hashtag #photocommentfeature.

We are waiting to see your image!

  • Photo Friday: @zanidreyer on Instagram

    Here is some inspiration for the weekend, a picture by @zanidreyer on Instagram. Hope that gets you out there enjoying your passion. Share your results with us on Flickr or use the hashtag #photocommentfeature on Instagram.

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  • Photo Friday: Stormtrooper by Mike Blackburn

    Welcoming back the Photo Friday feature with this fun image from Mike Blackburn of a Stormtrooper. Follow Mike’s blog here. Enjoy the weekend and have fun shooting.

    Storm Trooper

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  • [Updated]Photo Friday: Flickr is down

    I was hoping today to bring back Photo Friday (but without a competition element for now, just fun and/or inspiring photos) and was turning to our Flickr group when I found that Flickr is still down this afternoon. This morning the site was down for planned maintenance but the change of the message on the site now, seems to indicate that there is a bit of a bigger problem at the moment. Hope it comes up soon for the weekend snappers.

    Fullscreen capture 20130913 024840 PM

    And the service is now back up and running. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  • Photo Friday Winner – Lonely by Joggie van Staden

    First, congrats Joggie for taking the Photo Friday Prize for Feb-Apr 2011. Please send us your contact and address details so we can arrange to get your prize of the Fuji FinePix camera and Scott Kelby Photoshop CS5 book. You image was the one that had the judges coming back time and time again.

    Apologies for having taken so long to announce the winner, we have had some unexpected issues.

    Reminder that moving forward till the end of July we are wanting great pictures to print as part of Photos For Hope so we will be looking for the Photo Friday images from there.

    One more thing. We have yet to get in touch with the last Photo Friday winner. Please contact us ASAP to claim your prize or we will have to pass it on to someone else.

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  • Photo Friday: Lonely by Joggie van Staden

    This weeks Photo Friday image – and the last for this prize quarter  – is “Lonely” by Joggie van Staden. His caption for the image is : “A little boy watching the other kids play, Buroma, Mozambique”

    We will announce the winner of the Photo Friday prize for the past 3 month next week.

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  • Photo Friday Winner – Sunbird at Walter Sisulu by Lianvh

    This week’s Photo Friday winner is Lianvh with one of a series of bird shots. Well Done!

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  • Photo Friday: Another Joggie Image – Fern

    This is another week where Joggie takes the top spot. Congrats.

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  • Photo Friday: Bewitching

    There are many who might criticize this weeks image because it was shot from above, the ears are cut off, or the subjects face is in the center of the frame however, this image works for me from a couple of perspectives. The most important element, the eyes, are sharp and within them are the story. The green makes for a great background yet had the depth of field been more bringing the background into focus it would have been too distracting. All in all, the image is well balanced and works in this instance.

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  • Photo Friday: Frailty by Joggie van Staden

    This weeks Photo Friday winner is a portrait that held me spell bound, staring into the old ladies eyes and wondering what her life story would read like though this images speaks more than a thousand words thats for sure.

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  • Photo Friday: Jellyfish by Rozette

    This week we invited input from one or two other people and it was interesting to see the divide between them but in the end Rozette’s Jellyfish took the tops spot. Congratulations.

    I would like to suggest something to Joggie  van Staden. Your image below, could you – if you open to it – try the image in Black and White playing around a little with the contrast?

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  • Photo Friday: Nacala fishing boat by Joggie van Staden

    This week saw a number of good entries which is great… it was hard to find one that really stood out above the rest till this image which puts a different perspective on a familiar subject. As Candice put it, it looks like the ship belongs in the sky.

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  • Photo Friday: Shy Lady by Joggie van Staden

    This weeks winning image is a fantastic photograph, a portrait which tells a story in the womens eyes, smile and the wrinkle lines. I love this image.

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  • Photo Friday: Dolphins & Dunes


    Photo Friday and I find myself picking two images at the very last moment. “Swimming with Dolphins” by Ian Brown was a clear winner in the minds of our judges this week with Greg saying it’s the kind of image he wants printed large on his wall. The second image which I am including here at the last minute is “Grass covered dunes at Sossusvlei during the wet 2006 season” by Joggie van Staden. Read on for my reasoning.

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  • Photo Friday – Grapetiser

    This weeks image really grabbed our attention and the bubbles on the tin have us thinking and thinking… care to share how you did it?

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  • Photo Friday: New Beginning by Joggie van Staden

    Here is this weeks Photo Friday Image. From all the entries submitted this week this one caught the eye of the judges above all others.

    I will be posting an article soon that will explore competitions and portfolios a bit more to help guide some of you as to what judges or clients may be looking for and improve your chances of winning.

    A big thank you to our Photo Friday sponsors: Foto First for the Fuji FinePix AX200 and Pearson Education who will have a Scott Kelby book to add to the prize. More in the coming weeks.

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  • Photo Friday: We Pick 3 Images This Week!

    This week is a killer one with so many images competing for our attention. For the first time we will be using the amended rules to pick more than one image. Keep this up and we may have to have Photo Friday every day – I really mean that. I also want to ask a favour, please leave your comments on these images at the end of the post, we would like your feedback on the images we pick.

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  • Photo Friday: Circles by Cas Pretorius

    We kick off the first week of the new round of Photo Friday with this image entitled “Circles” by Cas Pretorius. I have a love for abstracts things – give me a macro lens in a junk yard and I will be happy for a lifetime I think – which may be what kept me coming back to this image. Keep the entries coming.

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  • Our First ‘Photo Friday’ Winner – Flag Store Front

    After a great deal of deliberating by the judges we have finally come to the point where we can announce our winner of the Photo Friday Competition for the period ending January 2011. The image ‘Flag Store Front’ seems to have within it a mystery that held many of us spell bound. I personally keep asking myself questions like “What is it trying to tell us? What could be hiding behind the door?” and out of a great selection of images this one kept attracting my gaze time and time again.

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  • Photo Friday: Flag Store Front

    It has been one of the toughest weeks yet but the image that had the most impact for me at the end was this image of a Flag Store Front. Congratulations.

    This is the last image for this period of Photo Friday. Next week we will judge and announce the winner of this periods prize of the Vangaurd Skyborne backpack, Scott Kelby Books, Black Rapid Strap and Gary Fong Puffer.

    Don’t stop your entries as we have a new prize pot growing for the next quarter. We will announce it next week when we announce the winner.

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  • Photo Friday: Big Eyes by Rozette

    For my wife (who has an absolute phobia of moths) to like this image, there must be something special about it. By unanimous vote, Rozette’s image of this moth entitleb ‘Big Eyes’ get the Photo Friday tops spot for this week and will join the other Photo Friday images for the grand prize judging at the end of the month where one luckily photographer will grab the prize bundle with a Vanguard Skyborne Backpack, Scott Kelby book set, Black Rapid Strap and Gary Fong Puffer.

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  • Photo Friday: Fly by SATux

    Apologies for the  late Photo Friday post all. The number of entries are increasing each week and getting better and better.  This weeks image is the Fly by SATux.

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  • Photo Friday or Should We Say Monday

    As per our announcement on Friday with the canceling of the Christmas Competition, we have taken the four entries submitted into that competition, combined them with last weeks entries for Photo Friday (meaning entries submitted before midnight on 6th Jan 2011) and found this weeks winner.

    This image will join the rest of the Photo Friday finalists in the judging at the end of this month and should it take the prize winning spot, be the winning image of the Vanguard Backpack, Scott Kelby books, Black Rapid strap etc.

    Keep your Photo Friday images coming for this week as the announcement will be made on Friday and be back in regular routine.

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  • Photo Friday: 31 Dec 2010 – Spirited 3

    This weeks Photo Friday image is Spirited 3 by ladyravenheart. It was a tough one to choose this week as there where some rather imaginative images. Perhaps its just that we are hours away from the new year that this image takes the top spot.

    Also be sure to check out Random Access Memory by Cas Pretorius as well as Window Patterns by carpat

    Be sure to enter our Christmas Competition as well. You can see the current entries in the gallery below.

    no images were found

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  • Photo Friday 24 Dec 2011 – Days Gone By

    This weeks Photo Friday is ‘Days Gone By’. Thanks to Marinda for submitting it… I have a weakness for classic cars.

    A reminder that we are also running the Christmas Competition where you can win a Fuji FinePix AV110 and R500,00 Foto First printing voucher. Keep this in mind today and tomorrow when you photograph your Christmas traditions etc. Competition closes on 6th January 2011.

    Have a great Festive Season all.

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  • Photo Friday 17 Dec 2011 – Goldrush

    Photo Friday image is Goldrush by J.C. (Johan Combrink)  making it his second week in a row.

    Also in the debate this week for the top spot was the Thunder Storm by grahams so be sure to check it out as well.

    Don’t forget about our Christmas Competition where you can win a Fuji FinePix AV110 and R500.00 printing voucher from Foto First.

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  • Photo Friday 10 Dec 2010 – Mine Bikini

    Morning all and welcome to the Photo Friday image for this week. The image for this week is ‘Mine Bikini’ by J.C.

    Another image to mention and which you may want to check out is ‘Window Cleaner’ by Cas Pretorius. A great image manipulation.

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  • Photo Friday 3 Dec 2010 – Kruger Tree

    This weeks Photo Friday is Kruger Tree by AlanH. This week saw some great images entered and made it very difficult to pick a winner, keep the images coming.

    Another image that was in the fight for todays spot was ‘An Apple A Day’ which you may want to check out in the User Gallery.

    I just want to point out here, images submitted between Friday the week before and Thursday the night before are considered for the Photo Friday image.

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  • Photo Friday 26 Nov ’10 – Crossing NYC

    Apologies for the late post, we’ve been busy at the College of Digital Photography Open Day. Better late than never however, here is this weeks Photo Friday Image. We will continue Photo Friday on the open theme, final judging will be end of January for the grand prize. All will be revealed next week as to why we pushing it out till then. In the mean time, why not include some festive images in the submissions for December?

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  • Photo Friday: 19 Nov 2010

    This image caught my attention the most from the entries for this week.

    Keep those entries coming.

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  • Photo Friday – 5 Nov 2010

    Its Friday already… well its almost over looking at the time. Apologies for this late post, moving is not a fun activity and provides several interruptions. With that said we have had very few entries into the competition this week. Below is the one that stood out to us most.

    This today being Guy Fawkes why not send us some fireworks shots or  get ready for the festive season. We dont have a set theme at  this time however there is one coming up on the horizon. Remember there is a great prize bundle to the best Photo Friday image at the end of the year.

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  • Photo Friday – Prize Announcement

    The last two weeks have seen a slow down in entries on Photo Friday but as promised we have been working hard on building a prize pot to give to the over all winner at the end of the year. So perhaps this will help to get the entries up. The current prize for the the overall winner – which will be picked from each Friday’s image – is as follows… and it could still grow further.

    Grand Prize:

    1x Vanguard Skyborne 51 Photo Backpack

    1x “The Digital Photography Books – Boxed Set Vol 1,2,3” by Scott Kelby.

    1x Black Rapid RS-4 Strap

    1x Gary Fong Puffer

    Prize Value: R 3,500.00

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  • Photo Friday – 15 Oct 2010

    Here is this weeks Photo Friday image, late for which we apologize, more as to why in the next post. We have seen an increase in entries which is great, thank you for the support. We would like to strongly encourage that you push your creative juices further and for those who have not entered yet to take a chance, remember that there is still no set theme for this month so put your best foot… or images forward.

    We have some great prizes gathering which will go to the winners of the end of year judging where all the Photo Friday images will be in the running.

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  • Photo Friday – 8 Oct 2010

    This weeks Photo Friday image is this Dragon Fly by Janet. The image is sharp on the eyes and well composed, I have to take my hat off as I have never got a great image of a Dragon Fly.

    Keep the images coming, we will have an announcement in the coming weeks of what the prize bundle is going to be that each Photo Friday image is going to be competing for.

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  • Photo Friday – 1 Oct 2010

    This weeks image is a great attempt at photographing a water drop. Not an easy subject to capture, the colour of the water is eye catching. There is still some blur from the motion in the water which is the only criticism we have however it was our favourite image of the pictures submitted this week.

    October’s images are theme free so submit your best across the genres.

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  • Photo Friday – 17 Sep 2010

    Continuing with the Spring theme for Septembers Photo Friday this weeks image is another Cas Pretorius image (is someone prepared to break his run) entitled ‘Burst of Spring’.

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  • Photo Friday – 10 September 2010

    This weeks Photo Friday image is from Cas Pretorius again. As you can recall last week we issued the theme of ‘Spring’ and said it was open to interpretation or in other words, it did not have to be related to the wonderful season we have just entered in.

    This image certainly took an energetic approach to our theme. Congrats.


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  • Photo Friday – 3 Sep 2010

    This weeks Photo Friday image was a tough one to pick, and we only have some 20 odd photographs to choose from. That said, our Photo Friday image is “After a long day” by Cas Pretorius. Congratulations!

    As mentioned earlier, it was not an easy decision to make, and photography is very much a subjective thing in my books, but after a week like this has been, there were just emotions that Cas’ image evoked which I found hard to ignore.

    Photo Friday – Theme Assignment for September 2010

    Okay, with Spring officially upon us here in South Africa it seems appropriate for thing Spring as the topic. There is however going to be a twist to this theme. We want your interpretation of the word ‘Spring’, which means it can be your vision for this season or any other way you visualize the WORD – Spring.

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  • Photo Friday – 27 Aug 2010

    This is the very first image to kick off Photo Friday here on PhotoComment. Remember the aim of this feature is for you as readers to submit your images from which we will pick a favourite each week. Those picks will be added to a Photo Friday gallery and make up the finalists for our prize give aways. Please remember to include information in the description block when you upload so we can included your caption, name etc.

    Please feel free to comment on the image below. Thanks to Werner and Rikki for being the first to upload into the gallery. This image from Werner just really tugged at me. Childhood memories of going to the Roadhouse as a family treat.

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  • Competition: Photo Fridays

    So it’s Friday, the weekend is upon us, cameras are firing up and getting ready to shoot our creative expressions. Before you rush out, let us share some exciting news in the form of an ongoing photography competition here on PhotoComment called Photo Friday.

    Under our gallery section we have a User Submitted galler. Each Friday we will pick our favourite image from there as our Photo Friday Image. At the end of the year (and on other occasions as sponsorship allows) a winner will be picked from all the Photo Friday Images as a prize winner.

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