Cat Pee and Camera Bags

I have a question for you. My mother in law has a ginger tom cat who not to long ago decided to pee on one of my camera bags. A week or two after that he aimed for the laptop bag – thankfully only hitting the strap. So here is my question. Does anyone else out there have an issue where a cat has marked their camera bag? Oh, and a second question, how did you wash and get the smell out of it?

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  1. THere is something from a vet that smells like citronella. It also take the smell away and the cats don’t dig to go back there either. :-))

  2. Thanks for the advice everyone, I did not expect replies this quickly. Glad I am not the only person whose camera gear is being targeted by feline friends – or foes as they may become once their deed is done

  3. Hi Tristan, we have 3 cats and so does my father who lives up the driveway from us. I believe it was also his ginger cat that took liberties in marking my husbands camera bag. Although their tastes are not isolated to that alone and they do seem to go for bags of any description, curtains etc. The unfortunate thing is that the nature of cat pee is that….”its the smell that never comes out” and its absolutely dreadful, try washing the bag a couple of times, your local supermarket should keep some or other brand of cat neutralizing agent (yip there are in fact products dedicated to trying to eradicate the smell of cat pee) and these are supposed to break down the chemical bonds in cat pee which make it so resilient. A couple of washes especially with an agent of this nature should do the trick and after a while the smell should be gone. I should warn you though that cats are prone to marking the same object repeatedly, so don’t leave the bags in any place where the cat has access. Hope this helps!

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