Motivated by!

This is a great site to check out whether you are a Pentax user or not. I stumbled across it during the past week and was left feeling motivated and ready to shoot, which leads me to the question I wish to pose for this week -What is your Motivation?

Seriously, what keeps you shooting? I have been pondering this point and am eager to find out what are the various factors at play on each shutter button out there right now. I have come up with some ideas of my own, in discussion with other people and found everything from their “amazing gear” to “a dream come true” as some reasons. Others are eager to share a story through their images, making others aware of plights of humanity or even just every day life details that are often overlooked.

Perhaps I can take my question one step further. When your normal motivation seems to run dry, what do you do to spur yourself on? What gets you out of bed? If you are a professional, is it just the thought of the bill? If you just have weekend to use on your hobby, what moves you to wake before first light and grab a few shots of golden light? In fine, what do us as photographers do to overcome our own “writers block”?