Quick Post: Some Nikons with Sony Sensors

The net seems to be thriving on recent news that by pulling apart a number of Nikon DSLR cameras it has been discovered that certain cameras, like the latest D7000 makes use of Sony CMOS Sensors.

It has been speculated about for some time and for some they will sleep better knowing they were right, but its not that big a deal is it?

In my brief time working at Sony I posed the question to a visitor from the technical side of Alpha HQ and was told that the sensors they were producing for other companies like Nikon were done in line with those companies requirements, hinting that they may not all be identical.

Despite all of the above, there is limited impact to the average consumers photographs and what I have seen in the comparisons I have done before, of cameras that were supposedly sharing the same or similar sensors, is that the firmware can play a big part in what the camera puts out, something Nikon does well.

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