Web Picks: Wet Plate Photographer and Other Stories

Some of you may recall some time back that we used to have a Website of the Week feature. As time went on we focused on other areas and gradually the feature phased out. Today I want to try a new feature and get your feedback on it. Some ideas on what to call it would also be good. For the time being I am going to call it “Web Picks” and it will serve as a post to share with you some of our favourite stories on the web. Feel free in the comments to link to other great stories you may have found and want to share.

Wet Plate Photographer

Dana Geraths – Wet Plate Photographer from Kia Geraths on Vimeo.

There is something about taking photography back to it’s roots that stirs up emotions inside of me. That is why the video above – which was featured by Peta Pixel – appealed to me so much. You can click here to get their story and links to the featured photographer etc.

US Army Drone Chopper with 1.8 Gigapixel Camera

This story is more than a week old but we picked up on it this week. Engadget reported on a drone (unmanned) helicopter that the USA military will use with a 1.8 Gigapixel camera. That is like a lot of pixels. Check the story here.

Sony Stories

There have been two interesting Sony stories on the web. One at Peta Pixel was of a photographer who used Plastic or Cling wrap as a replacement for his damaged Translucent mirror on his Sony A55 – check it here. The other was a video published by Sony walking through the parts of the A77, and when I say parts I mean it’s torn down parts. See the post on the Sony Blog here or watch the video below.