You’re at a wedding?  Great, so sit down and watch!!

You’re at a wedding? Great, so sit down and watch!!

We’ve all been to a wedding and noticed a multitude of people stalking the lucky couple like a pack of wolves, trying to get that awesome shot on your smartphone, right?  There’s even a pretty good chance you have been the said wolf.  Well some reporters over at Fox 40 (USA) have come up with a great video to explain how not to “be that guy!”

Don’t be that guy from Love Genre Films on Vimeo.

Don’t Be That Guy (video)

From the video it is clear as day that wedding guests are a photographer’s/videographer’s nightmare, constantly ruining what would otherwise be a great shot.  The reporter makes no bones about what is expected from the wedding guests, which from a photograpgher’s perspective, could not be more accurate.

The happy couple has clearly paid a lot of money for these services, so the least the guests could do is respect it. The news reporters even give the ideas of making an announcement before the beginning of the ceremony to keep your phones and cameras away, or even better yet, giving up your devices completely before you enter!

This is definitely one to share with everybody, especially your non-photographer friends and family.