November 2011 PhotoComment Magazine

In case you have missed the updates on our Facebook Page or Twitter, the November issue of PhotoComment magazine is now out on the counters and shelves of photographic retailers, colleges and clubs across the country. You can also check it out online. We are pleased to announce that the magazine is now in testing for the iPad. If you would like to try it out please use this link but be aware it is still in testing, though we would like your feedback.

Before we dive inside this issue, please accept my apologies for the several typos that crept into this edition. There were more distractions and interuptions than usual in October which had a major impact on our deadline and with a slight bit of dislexia on my side there were some spelling mistakes that slipped through to print which should not have. I promise to be more “Discilpined” in future 🙂 sorry Eric Palmer.

Editors Comment

Armani kicks off the November issue by talking about how taking a camera to special events can cut us off from actually experiencing those occasions, kind of like what Catherine Hall shared with us in her interview a little while back.


Our usual news section highlights the the factory flooding for Nikon and Sony in Thailand, the new Lytro camera, Canon EOS-1D X and more.

Professional Portfolio

This month the cover and pro portfolio is by photographer Eric Palmer who specializes in Extreme Sports photography. Well worth checking out… and chuckling at our most prominent and repeated spelling error as mentioned in the intro.

Lomography Feature

Cassidy Schoeffel is this months Lomographer. In his camera collection is a Lomo LC-A, Diana F+, Spinner 360 just to name a few.

What To Ask For This Christmas

A couple of weeks back I started asking people what was on their wish list for the festive season got some great ideas. Some of those and a few of the teams ideas are in this special feature.

Student Portfolio

As the students wrap up their studies for 2011 and compile their portfolios, we look at Vega student Davina Gokool’s portfolio.

Technique Feature

College Of Digital Photography lecturer and photographer Bruno Poco teaches us how to shoot portraits with Natural Light.

Reader’s Portfolio

Bob Bartholomew is now semi-retired and has a bit more time to pursue his photographic passion. We look at some of his work and see what inspires him.


Armani puts the Olympus XZ-1 through it’s paces while Greg and I test the Vanguard Auctus Plus 323CT tripod and the B-grip which can serve as a camera strap replacement putting it on your waist like a wild west six shooter. It actually works really well.

Final Comment

For once I decide to keep a little quiet and let Armani share some of his thoughts around the professional photography industry.

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  1. 🙂 Even Grammar Nazi here picked up Typos in her article and it kills me everytime I read it. Some things are just totally excusable!! =D well done on a great mag, typos and all.

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