PhotoComment Magazine Jan 2012 Issue is Live

It’s January 2012 and the latest issue of PhotoComment magazine in the new year is live on the site and just hitting stores around the country. You can read the online version here. Hit read more if you want a summary of what is inside and to find the nearest stockist head on over the lists page here.

Inside January 2012 Issue

As usual we kick off the issue with some thoughts from the editor, Armani. In this issue he talks about the benefits of a prime lens in your camera bag.

Professional Portfolio

Seyms Brugger is a wildlife photographer with some great images which fill out professional portfolio in this issue.


Before you pack away all those Christmas decorations you should check Armani’s tutorial on using Christmas Tree lights for a “Fairy Light” background.

Cover Competition Winner

A few months back we joined the Outdoorphoto Photographer of the Year competition to run a theme on Creative Covers. The winner of the theme is Jaco van Wyk whose image is on the cover and whose portfolio can be seen on pages 20-23.

Student Feature

In this issue we feature the work of Vega’s students and dive into what there courses offer those looking to study photography.


Armani reviews the Nikon 1 V1 in this issue. It is a camera that leaves Armani – and others of us – with mixed feelings.

Final Comment

2012 is set to be a year of change and innovation. In this issue I look at why so many in this industry perhaps resist change.

Reader Survey

Our readers survey is still running in January and you still have a chance to win the Vanguard Heralder 38.