CES 2013 – Sony Releases

CES 2013 – Sony Releases

So the Consumer Electronics show is happening right now in Las Vegas and of course that means a large number of new cameras. Lets kick off with Sony news. The one thing that got my attention was Engadget’s report on a mount for Sony’s GoPro competing action camera that allows you to attach the camera to your pet. Puppy TV now coming to a YouTube Channel near you!  Wonder is GoPro will do the same?

Xperia Smart Phone

Sony’s new Xperia Z is actually an exciting device after our recent review of the Xperia S as a camera. What is interesting about the new Z is that its got a full HD 5-inch screen and is water resistant. It also shoots HDR videos thanks to it’s Exmor RS sensor with clocks in with 13 megapixels.


Sony’s Cyber-shot TF1 is a more budget focused, waterproof camera. It sports a 4x optical zoom coupled to a 16mp sensor and goes down to 10m underwater.

Also on the entry level side is the new W710 and W730 cameras. Both have a 16mp sensor with the W710 having a 5x optical zoom and the W730 an 8x.

If you are after more zoom the H200’s 26x zoom may catch your interest. It looks like the bigger HX200 but has a 20mp CCD sensor opposed to the Exmor R sensor found in the HX range of cameras. The camera is also powered by 4 AA batteries.

The WX80 aims to lower prices a little on Sony’s Exmor R equipped cameras. That said it is no slouch. The 16mp Backlit CMOS sensor peeps through an 8x zoom lens and the camera has WiFi and the ability to shoot at 10fps.


There are several new Handycam video cameras out from Sony and while we don’t often talk about video camera, I thought as the mediums of still and video seem to be crossing more often, perhaps we could touch briefly on this. The new PJ790V and PJ650V are part of Sony’s range of Handycams that have built in video projectors. What is interesting about these cameras is that unlike their predecessors you can now use these Handycam’s projectors to display content from a laptop etc. At the same time they are great video cameras so dual functionality in a compact size. Win win… maybe?

Also of interest is the TD30V which is a 3D shooting video camera with a suggested retail price of under $1000 US. Also at CES was a prototype of a 4K shooting Handycam.