Fuji Fiesta Ahead of CES

Each year around Jan/Feb the Consumer Electronics Show is held, usually in Las Vegas. In 2012 the show will also have a combined feature with PMA (Photo Marketing Association) and as such, it is expected that there will be even more photographic related activity than normal. Fuji have kicked things off with announcing nearly 20 new cameras, and that is excluding the big announcement everyone is waiting for, a changeable lens version of the ever popular X100. Read on for more about the new line-up for 2012.

 FinePix F770EXR and F750EXR

The F770EXR is a 16MP CMOS sensor camera with a 20x zoom and GPS. It also shoots RAW files and captures 1080p videos. The F750EXR is the same camera but without GPS.

FinePix F660EXR

This camera shares the same 16MP CMOS sensor as the F770EXR but features a 15x zoom. While it also shoots 1080p video is does not have the GPS and RAW capabilities of the bigger brother.


I have shared previously how the HS range from Fuji changed my opinion about hybrid, big zoom cameras for the better. The HS30 makes some big improvements on what I thought was an already good package in the HS20. First improvement is the new and 16MP sensor. Other improvements include a higher resolution electronic viewfinder and a digital spirit level. The HS30EXR also features it’s own Lithium Ion battery replacing the AA penlight batteries used in previous models and improving battery life. It still has a 30x zoom and shoots RAW. Oh, it also allows for manual focusing in video.

FinePix Z1000EXR

With a 16MP backlit, CMOS sensor and 5x zoom, the big party feature about this new camera is it’s Wi-Fi connectivity that allows for easy transferring of images to an Apple iOS or Android device so you can quickly upload your images to the web. It also has a 3.5″ touch screen.

FinePix T400

This is a simple machine. 16MP CCD sensor with a 10x zoom. Video capture is only 720p.

FinePix XP150, XP100 and XP50

The XP150 and XP100 share a 14MP CMOS sensor and a 5x optical zoom. The XP100 lacks the GPS of the XP150 but otherwise both cameras are waterproof to 10m and drop proof from 2m. It appears that the XP100 will only ship to the USA. The XP 50 shares the same sensor as the bigger brothers but is only waterproof to 5m and drop proof from 1.5m.

FinePix SL300 and SL240

The 30x zoom SL300 and 24x zoom SL240 share a 14MP CCD sensor and have a hot-shoe for using external flashes.

FinePix Z110

A 14MP CCD camera styled along the lines of the Z1000EXR, the Z110 lacks the wireless tech of the bigger model.

FinePix S4500 and S4200

These two cameras are scaled down versions of the SL300 and SL240. They have a lower resolution LCD screen and no Hot-shoe for external flash use.

FinePix JZ200 and JZ100

Both share an 8x optical zoom with the JZ200 putting a 16MP CCD sensor on the back and the JZ100 a 14MP sensor.

FinePix JX550 and JX500

A 5x zoom lens is shared by both. The JX550 is a 16MP CCD and the JX500 is 14MP.