Lexar introduces new JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0

Lexar introduces new JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0

Even with the increasing popularity of Cloud based storage and having our data available to us anywhere, it will never really replace the good ‘ol USB flash drive.  Nowadays we can have immense quantities of data in the palm of our hands, but the limitation has always been speed.


Lexar addresses this question of speed in a big way.  Being USB 3.0, the JumpDrive P10 is capable of the mind blowing speeds.  Are you needing to shift 1000 24MP RAW images between PC’s?  That will take all of about 2 minutes. The USB interface allows read speeds of up to 265MB/s, and write speeds of up to 245MB/s.  To put that into perspective, if you were able to achieve that maximum read speed consistently, you could unload the entire 64GB drive in 4min…flat.

As far as flash drives go, its definitely a pretty one.  The metal alloy design gives it a great looking finish and sense of real quality.  Then again this is not going to be a cheap device even in the 16GB variant, so you would expect nothing less than the best.  The retractable connector is also a nice touch.

Exact retail pricing is not clear, but expect to have a spring in your step as you leave the store because your wallet will be somewhat lighter.  Expect around R1499 for the 32GB, and around R2799 for the 64GB.