New from Nikon

New from Nikon

Nikon have made a lot of new announcements today, including two new lenses and a whole host of compact cameras. The first lens we should mention is aimed particularly at those who have moved to full frame on a budget, like D600 customers, and need a wide angle lens. The AF-S NIKKOR 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED. It is more compacts and lightweight than the 14-24mm f/2.8 plus with a standard 77mm filer thread, means you can use normal, more affordable filters too.

Nikon18-35mm AFS

Next up is the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR and the TC800-1.25E ED tele-converter that is made to match. The FL in the description stands for “fluorite” elements.  The TC800 converter that will be supplied with each lens is – according to the press release – matched specifically to the lens it comes supplied with. Wonder what the implications are if something happens to that converter? The weight of the lens alone is 4.59kg… that sounds rather lighter to me than I would expect an 800mm to be.


Nikon have announced 11 new Coolpix cameras. A replacement for my families favourite Coolpix S30 camera – particularly my 3 year old son – is the new S31. Still waterproof, shockproof and with a 10mp sensor. The Coolpix L820 has a 16mp CMOS sensor with 30x optical zoom. The L27 and L28 have 16mp and 20mp sensors respectively, sharing the same 5x optical zoom. The Coolpix S2700 is apparently a “Style Icon” with 16mp CMOS sensor and 6x zoom. The S9400 on the other hand is an 18mp CMOS sensor and 18x zoom with full HD video ability.

Cut the cord with the S5200 which is a 16mp CMOS and 6x zoom camera with WiFi and the long awaited replacement of the highly durable AW100, the AW110, is waterproof now to 18 meters and sports WiFi. The Wireless party continues with the S6500 which has a 16mp CMOS sensor and 12x zoom and the WiFi party concludes with the Coolpix S9500 which sports 18mp CMOS and 22x zoom. The final camera in today’s announcement, the P520 shows off with a 42x optical zoom joined to a 18mp CMOS sensor and built in GPS.