New Nokia Camera app, and RAW support

New Nokia Camera app, and RAW support

Amongst all the recent tech world announcements, its great to see that imaging was not left out of the picture (excuse the extremely poor pun).  Although seemingly overshadowed by Apple’s expected announcements, Nokia managed to drop a few bombs of their own.

Nokia has decided to merge its current Nokia Smart and Nokia Pro camera apps into the…wait for it…Nokia Camera…app.  This basically combines the previous to apps into one, and throws in a video mode for good measure.

Smart Mode will make your life simple, give you a whole bunch of regular preset features and allow you to remove some unwanted articles from your image.  Pro Mode will allow control over zoom, aperture, ISO, shutter and all the other kinds of features that an enthusiast photographer would want to adjust.  Pretty neat.

Video Mode lets you take videos.  Shocking.

The really amazing thing though is RAW support.  With 41MP there was bound to be a need for this at some stage.  Sure you will have a teeny tiny bit of noise in the image, but thats because it hasn’t had the magic touch of JPEG processing.  Having said that, you can now look forward to hours upon hours behind your PC, processing images taken on the go.  Hopefully only a few selfies.  Preferably none.

The Nokia PureView devices will also have access to the new “Refocus” feature which allows the user to change the point of focus even after the original image has been taken.  Now that is really cool.