New SPROCKET ROCKET from Lomography

Lomography, the art of having fun when taking pictures using dated technology called Film! The new Sprocket Rocket could – for me at least – be one of the most exciting Lomography cameras released to date. A 35mm Panoramic camera that is engineered to expose your film right to the very edges, even over the film advance sprocket holes (hence the name). Previously to get this effect I had to adapt my old Voigtlander Bessa 6x9cm medium format cameras. Read on for the official Press Release.

The Lomographic Society Proudly Presents:



Lomographic Society International
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  • Sprocket Evolution: The first and only camera worldwide fully dedicated to sprocket hole photography
  • Remix it!: Two scrolling knobs allow you to move the film back and forth for maximum freedom of creativity
  • No Rocket Science: The simplest technology catches as much of the light coming through the lens as possible producing stunning panoramic pictures


After decades, technical innovation has finally reached another important milestone! Meet the Sprocket Rocket – the very first camera fully dedicated to sprocket hole photography. Cherishing the full potential of the 35 mm film roll, the Sprocket Rocket includes the sprocket holes in breathtaking panoramic shots which characterize the unique style of this camera. Being also the first camera that features a reverse gear, it enables maximum creativity by moving back and forth between the frames with two convenient scrolling knobs. Based on the simplest technology this black beauty will go down in history as the peak of human inventive talent and the most Lomographic camera of all time.


Remixing music is already old news… Have you ever tried remixing your film? Use the shiny scrolling knobs of the Sprocket Rocket to move the film inside the camera in any direction. Back and forth, forwards and backwards – the Sprocket Rocket will expose the film wherever and whenever you want it. Be it simple multi-exposures or the craziest time-travelling experience on film, let the Sprocket Rocket set your creativity free on all your photographic adventures. Get your sprockets rocking with this unique camera and enjoy its simple technology.

We have to admit, we will not win the Nobel prize for technology with this camera but for sure the Nobel prize for the best concept! When it comes to technology, we decided to keep the Sprocket Rocket as simple as possible: a plastic body, a super wide-angle lens, a shutter and light. That’s the whole secret behind a camera that takes technology into a new age with its simplicity. While other cameras only use the core of the exposed area and leave out the precious rest, the Sprocket Rocket makes the most out of the light which creates a very special effect. Crystal clear in the centre and blurry towards the edges, the photos produced by the Sprocket Rocket are fascinating light catchers. The Sprocket Rocket is more than just another analogue camera – it’s simply a blast!


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Technical details

  • Film Type: 35mm Film
  • Lens: 30mm
  • Standard image size: 72 x 35mm
  • Frame insert: 72 x 24mm
  • Focusing: 0,6m – 1m, 1m – inf.
  • Shutter: 1/100, bulb
  • Aperture: f/10.8, f/16
  • Film stopping mechanism: White dot.
  • Multi-exposure: Yes
  • Retail price: 79EUR / 89USD


What the hell is Lomography?

We, the Lomographic Society International, are a globally active organization dedicated to experimental and creative analogue snapshot photography. Lomographic pictures are moment-catchers; characterized by vibrant colours, shadowy framing, surprise effects and spontaneity. Boasting over one million members across the world, we seek to document the incredible planet around us in a never-ending stream of images. The Lomo LC-A+ camera was the first member of the huge lomographic analogue camera family. It confidently takes a seat at the dinner table alongside our other innovative and quirky Lomographic products – the Spinner 360°Diana MiniDiana F+Lomo Lubitel 166+Fisheye camera, theColorsplash camera, the SupersamplerHorizonPop 9Actionsampler as well as many other bags, lenses and accessories, books and stationery.

The Future is Analogue!

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