News Round Up: Samsung Galaxy Camera, Sony NEX-5R

It has been a busy week in technology and despite Photokina being next month, even the photographic industry has seen some exciting new changes. Some stories have been cool (like the ones below) and others have been a little sad, like Kodak announcing that it is looking to sell off their Personalized Imaging business which includes their photo kiosk machines and consumer film. Time will tell if it is the right move but for now, it looks like a part of history is dead. The ‘Kodak Moment’ has faded. Read on for news from Canon, Sony and Samsung.


For those eager to get into pro video but have found the C300 and C500 prices a bit to big to swallow, Canon have announced the C100. A smaller, cheaper option to the C300, the C100 offers a professional 1080p video camera with the same sensor as the C300 but using a more compressed AVCHD codec. We say it is cheaper, and it is, but the suggest price of $7,999 US is still going to get you in deep trouble with your better half when you trade in the family car.


The replacement for the NEX-5N is here, meet the NEX-5R. Sharing the same 16mp Exmor HD CMOS sensor, the new 5R offers some refinement in controls including a dial on the top that is similar to the two found on the top of the NEX-7. It should make for faster handling which is great news for NEX-5 lovers like myself. That however is not the party piece of the NEX-5R. The big change is the inclusion of Wi-Fi and support for what Sony are calling ‘PlayMemories’ Camera Apps.

Essentially, from what we can tell without yet using the camera, the new machine has the ability to run a ‘PlayMemories’ like photo editing function on camera and install other related apps on the camera to give different picture effects etc. This is on top of the usual photo sharing functionality a Wi-Fi enabled camera has to offer. The success of this feature (in my opinion) is going to depend on whether or not Sony opens the platform up a little for third party applications to be installed. I say this as the competition have opted for an already open platform, Android.


Not to be outdone by Nikon, Samsung – who is arguably the king of the Android kingdom – have released the Galaxy Camera. Unlike Nikon, Samsung is not living in the past, opting to launch the camera with the latest version of Android, namely 4.1 AKA Jelly Bean. The camera sports a 16mp Back Lit CMOS sensor and has a 21x optical zoom. On top of that, this machine has a SIM card slots for 3G or 4G networks (depending on the version you buy). Sadly it does not make calls, although that function could disrupt your picture taking we guess. There is a 4.8 inch touch screen on the back and the heart beats with the same 1.4GHz quad-core processor found inside the company’s top Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

So, should we take bets on when we will see the first DSLR camera running Android? How about another for how long it will take till someone roots this machine (for those who are Android die-hards)? Share your thoughts on whether this excites you or not in the comments.