News Round-up: Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Note 3, Adobe CC

News Round-up: Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Note 3, Adobe CC

News, particularly on the mobile phone side, has been very busy over the past 24 hours or so as IFA is happening in Berlin. There are a few new announcements that photographers may want to take note of like Sony’s new flagship Xperia, the Z1. Not to be outdone, Samsung have announced the Note 3 and a new Note 10.1 plus a smart watch with a built in camera as well.

On top of all this, Abobe have released a Photographer Program or bundle on Creative Cloud that sees you getting Photoshop and Lightroom together, for $10 a month. Learn more about this over at

Sony Xperia Z1

The upgrade to the Xperia Z, the new Z1 is still waterproof but now sports a new 20.7MP sensor. One of the tricks up the sleeve of this camera is the ability to shoot 61 images in two seconds. 30 of those images in the second before you pushed the shutter button with another 30 after the single frame taken when you pressed the shutter button. This allows you to choose the images closer to what you wanted. Incredible. How more on the announcement, head to this story on htxt or get their hands on from the local launch this morning.

Samsung Notes and Watch

Samsung announced two new Note devices, the Note 3 and 2014 edition of the Note 10.1. Beginning with the tablet – the Note 10.1 – Samsung have increased the resolution on the screen from 1280×800 to 2560×1600. It is available in two processor options, namely a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 model, of Samsung’s own Exynos Octa-core 1.9GHz chip. There will be 3GB or RAM and the S-Pen which should all make for a snappier photo editing experience.

The Galaxy Note 3 is where things become interesting from a camera perspective. It has the same processor options as the Note 10.1 above and with the same amount of RAM. The S-Pen has been enhanced and the screen is a full 1080 HD screen. The camera, while being a few mega-pixels behind Sony’s Z1 (it is only 13MP vs 20.7MP – and we know that mega-pixels are not everything), Samsung have endowed this sensor with the power to shoot full 1920×1080 HD video at 60 frames per second or, 4K – Ultra High Definition – video at 30fps. That’s even better than a GoPro Hero 3, Black Edition. You can get Adam Oxford’s hands on with the Note 3 at IFA in Berlin over at

While you are at htxt, you may want to also read Adam’s views on the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. Ever dreamt of owning a Dick Tracy watch? He wished he had one of these.

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