News Round Up: Sony XQD Cards, Kogeto’s, Camera Trace…

Welcome to the News Round Up. These posts will serve as a way of consolidating the many news stories that can break, sometimes on a single day. News Round Up will just highlight some of the most interesting news items we want to share and be accompanied with a comment or two from us plus a link to the source.

Kogeto’s Pano Lens Comes to Android

I really, Really, REALLY, liked the Kogeto DOT project when I first saw it for the iPhone. Now the company has announced that it is coming to Android devices. But I am running ahead of myself. What the Kogeto lens does is allow you to shoot 360 degree videos from your compatible mobile phone. Initially the iCONIC (as it will be called for Android) lens will be available for the Galaxy Nexus but they have said it will come to other Android phones too. I really, Really, REALLY hope that includes the Samsung Galaxy Note cause I want one. See Engadget’s post here and visit Kogeto’s site here.

Sony XQD and Lexar Memory Card Announcements

With this week being CES there is bound to be a lot more news to come relating to cameras, memory etc. Getting things going first though are Sony and Lexar. Sony announced their first XQD cards which is a new format being adopted by several manufacturers that will allow capacity and speeds that existing formats can’t really dream of meeting. These first models do 1Gb/s write speeds! See the story here.

Lexar mean while upped the speed of their UDMA 7 CF Cards to 150MB/s or 1000x speed if you still live in the CD era (see story here).

Camera Trace

CameraTrace is a service that monitors photo sharing sites for images uploaded with your cameras serial number in the image meta data. The service costs $10,00 per camera and according to PetaPixel – where we spotted this article – has proven to be quite successful. Check out the PetaPixel story here.