Nokia heading for Pro Photo status?

Nokia heading for Pro Photo status?

A few months back Nokia released its latest flagship camera phone, the Lumia 1020. This little beast packs a massive 41mp sensor into your pocket, alongside a 4.5″ AMOLED touch screen which is crazy feat. On top of that, it even plays the latest edition of Angry Birds! Recently though, one of Nokia’s own camera gurus decided to see what the 1020 is really made of in a studio environnment. Albeit with a few MacGyver style tweaks.

Nokia Lumia 1020 used in a studio shoot test by Ari Partinen and Marko Saari.

The really awesome thing about the 1020, from a photographic perspective, is that it provides a few manual overides that are traditionally omitted from camera phones. Now for the average casual shooter or Instagramer (insert horrified shock and awe from our more serious readers), this is not exactly ground breaking news as you unlikely use these kinds of features on your traditional cameras anyway. However the more discerning photographer will find this revelation to be truly brilliant! By correctly manipulating these settings you can radically change your photographic output.

So Ari (our Nokia guru) used some electronic and lighting witchcraft in order to use the phones second Xenon flash to trigger a set of studio flashes. Couple that with some in-camera settings wizzbangry, and you have some pretty impressive results!

Take a look at Nokia’s Conversations blog to see the video, images and more details.