Pentax K-3, Tackling the Nikon D7100

Pentax K-3, Tackling the Nikon D7100

After rumours and an accidental early publish on their website, Pentax – owned by Ricoh – have officially announced the new K-3. First things first, this is not the full frame fiend that many Pentaxians have been waiting for. Instead the K-3 sports a 24MP APS-C (crop) CMOS sensor without the anti-aliasing filter found on most conventional cameras. What Pentax have done is introduce a new “anti-aliasing simulator”. According to Pentax the:

Newly developed… anti-aliasing simulator applies microscopic vibrations to the image sensor unit at the subpixel level during image exposure, generating the same level of moiré-reduction effect as an optical anti-aliasing filter. Unlike an optical anti-aliasing filter that always creates the identical result, this innovative simulator allows the user not only to switch the anti-aliasing filter effect on and off, but also to adjust the level of the effect. This allows the user to set the ideal effect for a particular scene or subject.

As you have likely come to expect from Pentax, the K-3 is weather resistant thanks to 92 protection seals on the stainless steel chassis and magnesium alloy body.

Is seems incredible to us that this camera is also capable of shooting at 8.3 fps with that 24MP sensor. In fact, here is a summary of the cameras key features. When you look over them you will start to realize that the camera aims to raise the bar set by Nikon with the D7100. The sensor, the twin SD card slots, all start looking awfully familiar when you think about it with the D7100 in mind.


Complete tough, weather sealed photographic system
√ Weather resistant body with 92 protection seals
√ Weather resistant kit lens, grip (in option) and fl ash
√ Stainless steel chassis and magnesium alloy body

Image and video quality
√ 24 MP stabilised CMOS sensor with AA fi lter-less
√ Advanced anti moire function
√ New 86 000 pixels RGB exposure meter
√ Sensitivity up to 51 200 ISO
√ Full HD recording with 60/30 fps frame rate, H.264 codec with
dedicated button

Fast and accurate
√ New AF module SAFOX 11 with 27 AF points (25 cross points)
√ Continuous shooting 8.3 fps up to 60 JPEG and 23 RAW
√ New Imaging Engine Prime III for ultraspeed datas transfer

Ease to use
√ 100%, 0,95X Pentaprism View Finder
√ 3,2’’ 1037K LCD monitor with anti refl ection and anti scratch coating
√ Dual SD card slot

Mobility and connectivity
√ Wifi remote control via Smartphones, tablet and computer with
dedicated Pentax Flu Card (in option)
√ USB 3.0 and HDMI connection
√ X-Synchro fl ash terminal
√ Stereophone terminal

The last bit of information you are likely after, which Pentax South Africa have graciously given us with this announcement, is the estimated retail pricing. You are looking at R18 999 body only and R19 999 with the 18-55WR lens.