Samsung Releases NX300 Firmware V1.2 with Pinch to Zoom

Samsung Releases NX300 Firmware V1.2 with Pinch to Zoom

Samsung have released a new firmware version (1.2) for the NX300 which brings to the party among other things, Pinch to Zoom functionality. While rumours and leaks spread of a supposed Galaxy NX, this update to the NX300 brings to it the one – smartphone like – feature we thought was really missing from a touch screen camera like this. Obviously this feature is most beneficial in the playing back of images yet it makes the process far more intuitive of zooming in etc.

Here are some of the other improvements the firmware offers.

NX 300 Firmware Update

Latest Firmware Information

Version: 1.20
Released Date: 13.06.12
Improved items

  1. Adding Multi-touch zoom, double tap zoom functions
  2. Adding Minimum shutter speed settting function ( ISO Auto in P or A mode) – Please refer a detail instruntion in updated manual on 13th, June
  3. Adding AF point moving function without focusing in Touch AF
  4. Adding Touch screen on/off menu – (Even touch off, playback mode and menu selection is worked by touch.)
  5. Adding guide message off menu during mode change
  6. Adding MIC sensitivity level adjustment menu
  7. Adding MENU, FN button display off mode in display mode
  8. Fixing exposure error in SmartRange+ mode
  9. Adding auto rotate function
  10. Improving AF quality
  11. Improving SD card compatibility
  12. Adding interfaces for new Lens line up
  13. Improving that some video player does not play sound on end parts of video clip in PC
  14. Improving others bugs

We do kind of hope that they aren’t improving the bugs on that last point and rather removing them. We hope to get hands on with this update later today. If you are in South Africa the firmware is available here.