Stolen Camera Gear

We recently got a comment on out site about some camera gear that was stolen at a concert. Here are the details that Lee sent us. If you can help in locating the gear please get in touch with us and we will put both parties together.

We were at Carnival City to see the Parlotones concert. We were sitting on the grand stand and my equipment was next to me in between my husband and I. At the end of the concert the lights went out but the house lights never came on – meaning the bad was going to come out again – they did except Khan was in the crowd singing, I reached down to my bag and it was missing. I had put my camera down 5 mins before the end of the show.
The only explination I have is that when the lights went out someone reached in through the side of the grand stand and pulled the bag out that way. The stands were closed at the back of each step so it didnt fall through the back.
The serial number and details of the gear are as follows:

Date Stolen: 30 April 2011 @ Carnival City

Canon 75 – 300mm Lens. Serial number 6473A015AA
Canon EOS 450D DSLR Serial number 2758B129AA