Tamron Announce 18-200mm VC for Sony NEX

This is very exciting news. Photo Club Alpha have posted an announcement by Tamron that they are producing an 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Di III VC (Vibration Compensation) for the Sony NEX’s E-mount. We would really like to see how it compares side by side with the Sony version in terms of size. It looks a fair bit nicer than the Sony version. We stand under correction with this next statement but as far as we are aware, Sigma’s announcemened 30mm Macro in development for NEX and this new Tamron are the only third party manufacturer lenses from these big two players to be announce for mirrorless and no Four Thirds lenses have been announced from either for use with say the Olympus Pen. Wonder why? See the full story here.

1 thought on “Tamron Announce 18-200mm VC for Sony NEX”

  1. One must keep in mind that Sony have an interest or relationship with Tamron. This move could be seen by consumers to add credibility to the system. Will be interesting to see what happens. Still think Fuji should make use of the the E-mount for their changeable lens X100 out next year.

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