The Editor’s Final Comment

The Editor’s Final Comment

THE world can be incredibly quiet at 2am on a Monday morning and while the house is quiet with the family sound asleep, I am taking the time to compose one of the hardest pieces I have ever had to write thus far.

This issue of PhotoComment Magazine is our last!

The PhotoComment website will continue to stay online with all the back copies of the magazine and past articles on the site, to serve as a resource portal for all.

PhotoComment was first published as a digital-only magazine in March 2009 from the comfort of my living room ‘office’. It was designed by my wife, with content coming from Wilhelmus Moller (our first editor) and myself. We were a little ahead of technology trends when you think that the iPad had yet to be announced, meaning that you could only read us at your computer.

Not long after the first issue, I was asked to join a corporate for a year and my first son was born. Greg Wrench and I formalised a company under which PhotoComment would be published and he took over the design duties from my wife… you can see now how this little magazine feels so much like a part of my family.

As I got ready to leave corporate life, Greg and I stumbled on the fact that our digital magazine could make a great little A5-sized, printed title and in December 2010 that is just what we did. Talk about a learning experience! Niether of us came from a publishing background, and were really just fueled by our passion for photography.

Times change, and so has the economic climate. We still enjoy photography, and certainly in my life it is just about all I have ever known. With a bigger family and more than five years of toil though, it is time to close this chapter that has been called PhotoComment and try to put my family first.

I wish to thank you, our readers, for your support. Thank you to our advertising partners who made it possible for us to freely give this magazine to each of you. To Brett Haggard, Adam Oxford, Dorothy, Sengezo and the rest of the team at Hypertext Media (publishers of HTXT.Africa), who took a chance on making PhotoComment bigger and better – I appreciate all that you have given to this title and to the community that reads it.

A big thank you goes out to Wilhelmus Moller and Armani Quintas who have both served as editors over the years. Thank you to Natalie Field, Rikki Hibbert, Rhulani Serithi, plus a host of other great photographers who have been featured, have contributed and encouraged us over the past five years, particularly in 2013.

Finally, I must thank Greg who has given so much to PhotoComment over the years and at great sacrifice. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. To my wife, Candice, and our two boys, thank you for putting up with me at deadlines and for being the subject of many a shoot to test a new camera or lens. Thank you all for making the unthinkable happen over these past five years. It has been a challenging yet rewarding journey.

Your fellow photographer,

Tristan Hall

P.S. Over the coming weeks you will be able to find me writing at HTXT.Africa and Mirrorless ZA. You can also find me on my (very occasionally updated) personal blog here.