Update: ELLE & Samsung New Talent Photographer Search

In Cape Town for the Announcement of who will be the ELLE Magazine and Samsung ‘New Talent Photographer Search’ winner. Spent time around the finalist this afternoon and they are a great group of Photographers. We asked them some questions in video interviews which we will post soon. Who are the finalists again?

Pieter Hugo, Cape Town based freelance photographer.

Melissa Huneberg, Johannesburg based designer and photographer.

Gerhard Muller, proudly CapeTown based photographer.

Thato Montsitsi, from Soweto.

Natalie Field, based in Port Elizabeth and inspired in her photography by her world travels.

Jean-Pierre Fourie, who is based in Cape Town.

George Rabe, living and working in Johannesburg with a knack of shooting cars.

Gerhardt Coetzee from Port Elizabeth, normally shooting architecture.

Freddie Child-Villiers is a self taught photographer in Cape Town who picked up a camera at age 15.

Alix-Rose Cowie, Cape Town based.

Later this evening the winner will be announced which is sure to be a great boost to their career. At the same time, a big congrats to ELLE for promoting the top 10 as they have. We will bring you the details of the winner later.