Photo Friday – 17 Sep 2010

Continuing with the Spring theme for Septembers Photo Friday this weeks image is another Cas Pretorius image (is someone prepared to break his run) entitled ‘Burst of Spring’.

This is an exciting image, it is filled with colour and the use of what appears to be ‘zooming’ technique really help provide even greater impact.

Now in case you are asking what is the zooming technique here it is. Ideally it helps to have the camera on a tripod or monopod. Next you need to stop down your aperture or ISO so that you can have a longer than usual shutter speed – aiming for 1/15sec or slower. Then when you hit the shutter start turning your zoom ring. Zooming in will have a different look to zooming out so play around. I will say, this does work better when using a push pull type zoom rather than the ring zooms.