Photo Friday: Dolphins & Dunes


Photo Friday and I find myself picking two images at the very last moment. “Swimming with Dolphins” by Ian Brown was a clear winner in the minds of our judges this week with Greg saying it’s the kind of image he wants printed large on his wall. The second image which I am including here at the last minute is “Grass covered dunes at Sossusvlei during the wet 2006 season” by Joggie van Staden. Read on for my reasoning.

Some may shoot me down for this but here is my motivation. Without reading the title or caption, everyone who had looked at the image has been puzzled for a few minutes by what the photograph is of. It takes some time before they begin to see the characteristics of a sand dune because it breaks from our stereotype of what a dune should look like. Some may mark an image down for not clearly showing what the subject it, I loved theway it held peoples attention and got them analyzing and thinking about what it is. What do you think?